Rambling On

A diverse short film about six women, who get lost on the Yorkshire Moors. British humour. Written by Sara Bodinar, dir. Nicole Pott.

We did it!

On 31st Oct 2016 we successfully raised £687 with 17 supporters in 28 days

* Excuse the wind (the sound, we mean), it was a windy day. We do have a professional sound recordist on board, so can assure you that the sound for this film is going to be on point!

Six different, middle-aged women go on a workaway day in the Yorkshire Moors, the day before a big meeting at the office, and attempt to work together as team as they get lost.

A short comedy, written by award-winning writer, Sara Bodinar, and directed by up and coming, indie award-winning director and producer, Nicole Pott. Our team also consists of up and coming director/ producer, Anton Arenko, and committed individuals, who all want to see the film made and succeed!

We promise you some super hearty laughs and a great little film to watch!


Lorna Laidlaw

Lorna is known for her role on BBC Doctors as 'Mrs Tembe'. She also has worked on a variety of different TV programmes, including Tikkabilla and Granddad in my Pocket.

Christine C Hall

Christine has experience in theatre, TV and film, known for Mrs Jenkins in Jack Kenna's 'Hitman', John Telford's 'The Way Back' and commercials, including HSBC and Visit England.

Caroline Vella

Caroline has experience of stage and screen. Previous film credits include, Wendy in Connect For Health: Wendy's Story; Martha in Front Door and Charlie's Mother in The Mind's Wood. Recent stage credits include, Lady Mayoress, Boss's Wife and Ethel in Leeds Lads (Red Ladder Theatre Company); Lady Basildon in An Ideal Husband, Marcellus and Player Queen in Hamlet; Julia in Midnight Sun.

Carole Bardsley

Carole is known for her roles on feature films 'Burn, Burn, Burn', 'The Rochdale Pioneers' and 'Northern Sole'. She has also been on TV with her role in the BBC Comedy Taster 'The Sweet Stall' and O.H TV's 'My Father's House'.

Johanna Paul

Johanna's background is in performance and she has worked as a performer/ deviser with Bristol's 'Desperate Men International Touring Theatre' from 1997-2001. She co-founded 'Chupacabra', an all female street company, touring 'The Ladies'. She has recently moved into working on film.

Marsinah Niall

Marsinah has taken part on the ITV's 'Return to the Shieldlands' and BBC's 'The Dumping Ground'.

Our remaining actors are to be confirmed!


Nicole Pott - Director/ Producer

As another string to her bow, Rambling On will be a brilliant additional to Nicole's portfolio, falling alongside her feature-length comedy-drama 'In a Year', which recently was selected at Long Beach Indie, in California, and won Best Picture and Best Director at International Monthly Film Festival, back in June. The hopes is for the feature to continue in the festivals. Nicole is also in development for WW2 Feature-drama 'The 13th'.

Showreel: www.nicolepott.com

Anton Arenko - Producer

I'm a passionate filmmaker who very much enjoy's working exciting new projects. I do have experience as a Producer for a Short Independent Film on 'Bear with Me' (2016) director Jon Lea has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 Indie Wise Film Festival in Miami, Florida. I am very much looking forward to working on this film.

Sara Bodinar - Writer

I am a commissioned screenwriter and theatre playright, published author and experienced ghostwriter. I have a huge passion for writing and been lucky enough to work with some great people. I also have written for the BBC and numerous other independent production companies.

Louie Lee-Horton - Cinematographer

I am a freelance Cinematographer / Editor (self shooter) with a keen eye for creativity and beauty. Storytelling is my passion and with a camera in one hand and a creative team in the other I aim to bring stunning ideas to life. Nicole Pott is the next big opportunity for me and I can't wait to work with her. I am an animal lover, horror freak and I can't live without music.

Showreel available here: https://vimeo.com/163724382

Nicole's previous work:

You can check out Nicole's previous work via the following links:

Charlie - Short Film.

A solitary man's life is interrupted when a young girl comes knocking on his door asking for shelter.

Full Film: https://vimeo.com/173144228

In a Year - Feature Film

Award-winning and nominated feature.

In a Year is a romcom about several people, who come together on a radio project, in order to get their one wish before the year is out.

Trailer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-4RgWnQDq4

Why do we need your help?

The script for the film is fabulous and we have a fabulous cast and crew, who want to see this film get made. Not only because of its great comical effect and Britishness, but because we want to actively promote women in the art of filmmaking! And, what better way to do that than to make a story about a group of women on one of the most British places in the UK? Yorkshire!

We are sending this to festivals as well! Aiming for the best of the British.

Here is the wheel of fortune! Well, it's a pie actually... mmm... pie (what's your favourite?)

How will we use this pie chart, and the money raised to help us?

We have to buy all the food for our cast and crew, as it is going to be cold up on the Moors at the end of November! (Hopefully, not snowing!)

We also need to rent a place for them to stay!

We need to rent some additional kit, inclusive of lighting for our outdoor night scene in the woods (spooky!)

Our cast and crew are coming from all over the country to the spot in the middle of nowhere, in order for us to film this!

We need to insure everyone and everything, as everyones lives matter!

And, festivals! We want to send this film to as many British festivals as is going to be possible.

Our perks are... awesome!

An example of our great t-shirts. Comes in both a 'women's fit' (white) or standard black.

Our other perks are available to look at too. We've tried to make our perks small, but memorable and something worth having because, you never know, this could be the next big comedy short that'll come out of Yorkshire!

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