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Ralph's Life aim is to produce a Double CD of 40 unsigned UK Indie bands and artists who have donated a track in support of The Fine Line Project which will raise funds and awareness for the mental health charity Rethink. The initial 1,000 copies will be a limited edition and available exclusively through the crowdfunder.co.uk campaign. After that they will go on sale through Indie record shops and a number of other outlets we are currently negotiating with. All proceeds go to Rethink.

We did it!

On 3rd Jan 2014 we successfully raised £5,120 of £5,000 target with 246 supporters in 42 days


Ralph's Life Music Blog has covered the great work done by The Fine Line Project on two occasions now and in order to fully recognise their contribution to mental health charities we aim (with your help) to produce a double CD of unsigned UK Indie bands and artistes; featured in the blog, to raise both funds and awareness for mental health in the UK.

Why The Fine Line Project? Because we all tread that fine line between feeling great and not so great. It could be as simple as being tired, off colour or having overindulged. Most of us understand those feelings, but what if they’re enough to send you over the edge? Or what if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with something really serious?

Why mental health? Because it’s a difficult area and there’s still stigma attached to having mental health issues, even though 1 in 4 globally experience such problems at some point in their life; because it affects so many people from a bout of depression to conditions such as bi-polar and schizophrenia; because promoting fundraising events which support mental health is not as easy or engaging as, say, raising money for children or animals. And because the current recession means more stress, more pressure on services and less support available.

Why creative arts? Because artists and creative people in general, including many scientists, are often in tune with that fine line feeling, aware of the impact of life’s highs and lows and in a better position to express them in a language that reaches out to others. Just think of music, song lyrics, poetry, painting, drama and how they can touch the soul.

The Plan is to use the funds raised to produce and distribute a Double CD of up to 40 Unsigned UK Indie bands and artistes (the first 1000 limited edition available only to Pledgers) available in Indie Record Stores throughout the UK.

We will also be hosting 3 launch nights at venues still to be decided, featuring a number of the acts on the CD.

Please note all Rewards for Pledges are UK postage only and a further charge would need to be made for Rewards sent outside the UK and Northern Ireland.

Please note the Rewards involving the Launch Night/Nights are UK based and expenses are not included for transport to and from the gigs.


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The Travelling Band - Took My Soul

Tom Robinson - The Mighty Sword Of Justice

Wullae Wright - Fight Or Flight

(prod. by Ambrose Chappel)

Culann - Jerusalem

Plum - Casting Shadows

Pumajaw - Mask

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Velocets - Secrets

The Varese's - Spotlight

Snippet - Celebration

Elia and The Low Tears - Sweet Lies

Fat Goth - Creepy Lounge

The Bedroom Hour - X Marks The Spot

Jess Harwood - Feeling Fine

The Mutineers - Tell Me Why

Steve Heron - Eleanor

Have Mercy Las Vegas - Pappy

Vukovi - Schwagger

Debs McCoy - Wendy

The Ninth Watch - Forever's a Long Time

The Folk Remedy - Sirens

The Fireflys - Hummingbird

Graham Marshall - Freedom Call

Whispery Club - The Boy

CD 2:

We Came From The Sea - Animalskin

Stillia - You Only Live Once

TiTORS iNSiGNia - Beg, Plead And Pray

Tingle In The Netherlands - Prostitute's Handbag

Helen McCookerybook - Monday's Mood

Mog Stanley - Mind Games

The Low Countries - At The End Of The Day

Robb Murphy - Never Letting You Go

Pick It Up (feat iKashFlo)

Ambrose Chappel - Pick It Up ( ft. iKashflo)

Matthew Hidden - A Berry Bursts

Fiona Soe Paing - Daymoon Sun(With thanks to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop'sDaphne Oram Trust who gave permission for thesample on this track)

Great Reckoning - Bleed For Your Life

Feral Five - Skin

King And Queen Of Sorry - (Couldn't Get) High Enough

Tea Street Band - Push The Feeling On (Tom Eno Remix)

Mono Life - Disco In Paris

Shiny Rhino - I Love My Radio

Radio KC where Ralph has his Indie Show on a Sunday have donated airtime from 9pm on Monday 18th November where they will be playing all the tracks and messages from some of the bands and artists involved. You can tune in by clicking on this link > rkc.noip.me

My thanks to Simon Meakin and SCG Advertising for the CD's graphic design work.

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