Raleigh International - Nepal Volunteering

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Raleigh International - Nepal Volunteering
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On 19th November 2015 we successfully raised £45 with 3 supporters in 56 days

With Raleigh International, rebuilding communities affected by the devastating Nepalese earthquake in which 8,000 people lost their lives.

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Working with Raleigh

In 2014, I embarked on a volunteering expedition to Tanzania with Raleigh International. Tanzania is one of the world's poorest countries, with approximately 75% of Tanzanians living in rural communities. Adequate access to safe water and sanitation is rare and very few economic opportunities exist for young people. I came across a project in Tanzania that struck a deep chord with me and felt the need to act. A long line of volunteering runs in my family and now it was my turn.

Whilst there I, along with my expedition group, laid foundations for safe and sanitary toilets within a local school and then offered the opportunity for young builders to contribute to and continue our work. We built sanitary hand washing equipment in many villages and gave practical lessons, sharing simple invaluable knowledge that could ultimately prevent the spread of disease, saving countless lives. We also taught these lessons in schools and gave English lessons to help further their aspirations and equal their opportunities with the rest of the world. I myself am in University and have had many opportunities to further my education. I felt compelled to give back to the wider world and share my knowledge with these dangerously uneducated children and adults alike.




I thought that this expedition would be my last for some time because seeing as I applied late for the Tanzanian expedition, I did not have time to raise the money through crowdfunding and therefore had to pay over £5,000 out of my own pocket, something I am now unable to do.

Then came the devestating news out of Nepal.

Nepalese Earthquake

On April 25th 2015, Nepal experienced an earthquake in which over 8,000 people lost their lives. More than 22,000 people were injured and 800,000 houses were destroyed. Due to the high levels of inequality and poverty in Nepal, it was the poor and rural communities that suffered the most, something I had already become exposed to in Tanzania. They have lost the ability to provide for themselves even the most basic needs of food, water and shelter.

Having already experienced devestating levels of poverty in Tanzania, I can only imagine the struggles the Nepalese people are facing after the earthquake. However, I don't just want to imagine the struggles, I want to combat them and hope to strengthen the resilience of these communities for the challenges that lie ahead. The expedition would run from 28th June - 5th September 2016.

There are many other problems the world as a whole is facing at the moment but we cannot lose sight of those vulnerable away from home, as more often than not, they do not have a voice.

The money I recieve from crowdfunding will go to supporting these local communities, helping them rebuild their lives with the aid of Raleigh International through the restoration of houses and shelter, delivering peer to peer education, training in key areas of community resilience such as water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as community based natural resource management.

Nepal is the second poorest country in Asia with the poorest at most risk to disasterous climate change and natural hazards. Let's do something about it.

Please give what you can,

Thank you.


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Thank you very much for your donation! Know that it is going to a superb cause and that it will help many underprivileged and struggling people for years to come.

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Thank you very much for your donation! Your generosity and kindness has driven my project one more important step forward. It is going to helping poor and struggling communities in Nepal and will help for many years to come. Thank you again.

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£50 Reward

Thank you very much for your donation! There is nothing I could offer you that would come close to your generosity. You have chosen to selflessly act in favour of helping poor and underprivileged communities in Nepal. Your donation will help these communities for many years to come. Thank you again!

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