Hi! Help me to record and launch professionally my music, www.soundcloud.com/Raizalmv. which is a mix of Rock with latin american rhythm.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Actually I have an idea, some compositions and lyrics which are only have been recorded superficially in my home.

The idea is to fusion Rock with some traditional and native rhythm from latin america www.soundclud.com /Raizalmv.

I have travel for studies and trying to get sponsors but it is had been difficult because music business is quite difficult, even more in a developing country as Colombia but i have faith, i wont give up. If you want to help me, I would appreciate for ever.

Main Goals:

- Renting a session in a recording studio to record and produce my music.

- Masterization and postproduction.

- Marketing and promotion.   

I want to be a peace ambassador from my country, not only we produce cocaine and war.

Thank you very much indeed.