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On 9th March 2018 we successfully raised £19,500 with 534 supporters in 32 days

To raise £14,000 to continue to drive inclusion and accessibility in the screen industries and help our community realise their ambitions.

by laura.giles@raisingfilms.com in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Kate Taylor 9th March 2018

Rock on Raising Films! Keep on keeping on, and raising the bar. Your work is so valuable to all who participate in film culture.

francescajstephens 9th March 2018

Totally behind this brilliant organisation. Keep up the good work. Hoping to see those with clout in the industry making the most of the Inclusion Rider!

Kerry Fox 9th March 2018

Yippee, Tee hee hee. No more paying for childcare for me.... one is 17.. & one is 12... that is unless the 17 yr old goes off study...ing. Then down the back of the sofa I’ll have to delve...

Lila Rawlings 9th March 2018

Child care - whilst making films & TV drama - has been a huge challenge for me - and most of the brilliant women I work with. My son is now 13 but I want to support initiatives for making it possible for women in our industry to fulfill their creative potential whist raising their families. Happy to be part of this community.

James Floyd 9th March 2018

Mothers and Fathers should be far supported more in the whole of show business. The myth of being less productive in the workplace when having children must be imploded. It's total horse s*!t. Many of the greatest artists have been parents. Let's celebrate that by implementing official measures on film sets etc. #BudgetThatBaby x James Krishna Floyd x


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The Gold Star

This one is for companies and organisations who would like to be the change you want to see: To promise to be inclusive. To be flexible and put your workers' needs central to your practice. In return we will feature pledge organisations on our website in the next year - showcasing the wonderful work you are doing to make great work without compromising on a humane workplace.

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The Teenage Nod

The rarest of all creatures, an acknowledgement from your teen that you're doing something right is the golden medal of parenting. In return for your generosity, we reluctantly shrug in your general direction.

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The Happy Nap

In honour of Agnès Varda: filmmaker, mother, grandmother, cared-for elder – and coiner of the happy nap (TM). Have one. You've earned it.

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