Business Incubators/Innovative Hub For Women+Youth

Business Incubators/Innovative Hub For Women+Youth

Help us to change lives for women and young people and improve their well-being by providing them a space to kick start their business.

We did it!

On 13th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 3 supporters in 56 days



 We are a Christian Social Enterprise, we've been supporting women and young people to escape poverty and abuse for 10 years. Based in Westminster for eight years, two years ago, we moved to Southwark where we found that our services were most needed. 

We support the community by providing: food hand-outs, counselling, mentoring, music classes for the children and more. We would love to branch out and provide a secure office space for women and young people to start up their businesses. 

Over the past two years, we helped up to 120 women to start up their own businesses as a means to escape the cycle of benefits and poverty. During this time, we found out that the two main things needed to continue our start-up services to succeed are training and affordable space at our office located in Peckham. At present all workers are volunteers on a rotation, bringing their individual skills to the project.




Having this space occupied by different kinds of new startups will be a great opportunity to share skills and ideas, the best way to network and have the benefit of the support of the team. We have space but we, and the community, need your help to provide them with a startup space and adequate facilities to permanently own their own business, this will help them kickstart their careers and even change their lives. 


Why We Need Your Help


We offer to the community training and mentoring but it is difficult to provide affordable space. As you will see from the pictures the space that we have is more than enough for us and we would love to share it. With the right reorganisation, we can create areas for over 70 start-ups, a meeting space, and reception. We would also provide access to any equipment needed such as computers, printers, video projector, 3D printers, Lazer cutter etc.




The incubator concept is simple and appealing. An incubator is a multitenant facility providing affordable space and an environment that promotes the growth of small companies. Initially, some incubators provided an inexpensive physical environment to spinouts in what had been old or vacant buildings. Later incubators concentrated on the companies themselves, helping them to grow by creating an entrepreneurial environment. A range of services was developed to assist the small company: shared support services, such as the availability of secretarial help, a receptionist, and access to copiers and professional services, including business planning and legal, accounting, and marketing support. Access to working capital was also arranged through the provision of debt financing. An equity financing, government grants/loan assistance, and connection to a financial network of angels, banks, and venture capitalists.                                    


How Your Support Will Help


Current Office:

The Plan With Your Help:

All funds raised will be spent on:

  • Pre-operating expenditures; disbursements prior to the incubator’s establishment on site, such as a feasibility study or use of legal services and any other applicable professional services.
  • Physical facilities; disbursements required for the adaptation and/or construction of the physical facilities of the incubator. Some examples of such costs may include construction costs to do with the modification of the existing space.
  • Human Resources; expenditures made by the incubator in relation to its staff, including possible recruitment costs and consultancy fees. 
  • General expenditures; expenditures that may be required for the implementation and establishment of the incubator.

Thank you very much for your time, please get in touch or come and see us at 128 Rye Lane, Peckham London SE15 4RZ if you have any questions or if you would like to be part of the project, you will find a warm welcome.

You can also visit our website here



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