Raising Ray

Raising Ray

We are trying to raise enough funds to purchase a very deserving, inspirational man a wheelchair that can stand him up.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ray was left paralysed from the neck down after a diving accident on his honeymoon 12 years ago.  Prior to his accident he was a self employed businessman and in his own words it was like being born again, having to learn to adapt to his new way of life.

Over the years since leaving hospital and coming to terms with his new way of life Ray has attended college and gained qualifications in Microsoft Offce and web design. He has researched and built a website for the benefit of the disabled which has taken him 4 years to date and is an ongoing project. Ray also teaches from home as a Distance Learning Tutor for the ECDL Course at Aberdeen College.

Ray sits on the access panel for Aberdeen City that represents people with a range of disabilities and accessibility issues within the city.

Being confined to a wheelchair for over 12 years and unable to stand up has started to have adverse effects and negatively impact his way of life from increased neuropathic pain, thinning of the bones and the onset of arthritis. Standing on a regular basis has shown to drastically reduce the severity of these issues due to the naturally occurring health benefits from changing position. 

Please help us raise the funds to provide this much needed equipment and inprove Rays way of life.