Raising money for sustainable development

Raising money for sustainable development

A sustainable development charity who work in rural areas to improve access to safe water & sanitation and protect vulnerable environments.

We did it!

On 12th May 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 3 supporters in 11 days

In September 2016 I paused my work in England as a professional photographer and went to Tanzania to volunteer with Raleigh International, documenting the work they do to aid them in their marketing. 

Raleigh International are a charity who work to create sustainable change around the world. This includes providing clean water and sanitation, empowering young entreprenaurs and positively impacting community resilience and natural resources.

Building a latrine block with the local community

My time photographing with Raleigh was a heartwarming and hugely eye opening experience, I met families who walked for hours to collect the water that they would then use to drink, cook and bucket shower with. I walked with children up to their local school carrying buckets of water on their heads that I struggled to lift. I met young entrepreneaurs working so hard to learn so they could escape poverty. I photographed the construction of 7 latrine blocks in schools and hospitals, being built so that there would be a sanitised toilet for children, patients and women in labour could use. I photographed the groups and community plant 50,000 seedlings in order to fight deforestation. And I met some of the most wonderfully kind, peaceful and generous people I've ever met, who welcomed me into their communities and their homes.

Tanzania is an incredibly poor country and the work I did there really struck a chord, then coming home to a country where I could get water anywhere, from any tap  really hit me. The money I recieve from crowdfunding will go to supporting these local communities, helping them enhance their lives with the aid of Raleigh International. 

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