by Kathy Hurst in Lea, England, United Kingdom


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Let's work together to fund author visits and gift books to the children at Lea & Garsdon School.

by Kathy Hurst in Lea, England, United Kingdom

Mrs Phillips and I were chatting about things it would be great to offer children at Lea and Garsdon if only the money was available. I wondered how we could magic those funds out of the air and whether you - parents, grandparents, villagers, friends - might be able to help fund this vision.

Top of our list is inviting authors into school, physically or remotely. Virtual visits for KS1 and KS2, plus a book for each child (which they'll read and work on at school), is likely to cost around £1000. If we can get to £2000, we might be able to  invite a poet to run a workshop - or do a second round of author visits.

This is ALL OR NOTHING. If we don't hit our target, your pledge will be returned to you.

We all know about the power of reading. It broadens young minds and fosters empathy and creativity. Studies show reading for pleasure is more important for children's cognitive development than socio-economic background. Kids who read for pleasure are more likely to end up in professional jobs. Having books at home leads to greater enjoyment of reading. In short, reading can open doors. Amazing, hey?

Please give what you can afford. Tell every generous soul you know and help broadcast it on social media. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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Fund an author visit for two children

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