Raising money and running the London Marathon

Raising money and running the London Marathon

My aim is to run the London Marathon and in doing so hopefully raise some much needed funds for a fantastic charity called 'Dadshouse'.

We did it!

On 22nd Mar 2017 we successfully raised £325 with 10 supporters in 56 days

Hello there welcome to my crowd funding page.

My name is John and I am a single dad my aim is to run the London Marathon and raise funds for a charity that helps single dads such as myself. 

I have been a single parent since 2009 when my two children came to live with me shortly after I split up with my then wife, the kids mum. It was hard at the in the beginning not just the fact that I was a lone parent but the stigma that came with me raising my two children as a dad, through two years of going to court to gain the custody and safety of my children certain organisation were determined to return my children to their mum despite her well documented and obvious drug and alcohol problems I felt alienated and alone with no one I could ask for help. 

9 years later on and my children and I are the happiest we could be, we are best friends and know the struggle we went through to be together had made us unbreakable. I want to donate any money I raise to Dadshouse so other dads such as myself all them years ago does not have to feel alone and alienated as I did. Just because were are dads out doesn't mean we can't raise our children with ad much love and care as a mum can.

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