Creating A Charity Supporting Young Athletes

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To create a nationwide charity helping young athletes understand mental health and offer heart screenings and defibrillators.

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A short time ago I was made aware of a young sportsman who committed suicide.

So many questions went through my head...

  • Why did no-one notice?
  • Why did he keep the thought to himself?
  • Why did he do it?
  • What made him do it?
  • How are the parents feeling?
  • What happened in the moments before he made that choice?

Then just two weeks later, a young sportsman I know 'died' on the basketball court through a heart attack.  But with quick thinking and a defibrillator on site, he was revived.

  • So many questions went through my head...
  • Why was this condition not picked up sooner?
  • What if there wasn't a defibrillator on site?
  • What if he had been outside?

The power and impact of these two instances made me think about my own life, my son and was there anything I could do to help.

The Pressures From Life And Sports

I've worked with young kids since 2005 as a youth worker and coach.  Working with and educating kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and kids from affluent backgrounds, I've learnt many things over the years and it's this experience I have to draw upon to make a positive difference in this world.

When I was younger; much younger, I too had my own concerns, anxieties and thoughts about life and sports such as height, how I looked, friends, family, exams, education, sports, girls, games, exercise and everything else in between and I'd like to invite you back to your childhood and think about your own concerns and anxieties.

Now think about the support and guidance you had that moulded you into the person you are today.

There are kids in sport right now who aren't getting the support and guidance they need that will mould them into the people we know they can be.

The thing is, times have changed and there seems to be more risks that young athletes face.

It's not right that someone should choose to commit suicide through feeling pressure.

The Heart Issues

Imagine not knowing you had a heart condition and the next thing you know, you wake up in hospital hooked up to tubes and machines!

As a by stander, imagine the panic, the confusion and emotions as you watch a young sports person collapse and die.  What goes through your head and what questions will you ask yourself?

By offering free heart screenings to young sportsmen and women, we can identify potential issues that can lead to taking preventative measures such as buying defibrillators for the club

How Does It Work? - The Pressures From Life And Sports

Firstly I acknowledge talking to and educating young people, parents and coaches about the pressures young sports people face, that make them consider suicide, is a topic no-one really wants to engage with because of the nature of the topic.

So rather than focus on the word 'suicide' I've designed a 'live event' that allows the young person, parents and coaches to understand how a situation can quickly turn into a pressure situation.  But by engaging and empowering them all, a solution is quickly found to remove that sense of pressure.

The foundation of the live event stems from knowledge about the mind.  The thing is there are things we can control in life and things we can't.  When we spend time on trying to change things we have no control over, we become frustrated and anxious.

But when we understand there are two things we can control; our thoughts and our behaviours, life suddenly takes on a more positive meaning.

In addition, we always have choices but those choices aren't always visible so the live event helps make these choices visible.

Support will then be offered to the club to help create a purposeful strategy.

How Does It Work? - The Heart Issues

By raising money, we can offer free heart screenings for young sports people and give clubs defibrillator training and machines.  A heart screening costs between £75 and £200.  A defibrillator can cost between £130 and £1500.  I want to make available the most effective purposeful heart screenings and the most user friendly defibrillator available for young people in sports. I've spoken with the charity CRY who offer the screenings and hope to partner with them soon.


To support sports teams around the country in creating positive, engaging environments, so young people and leaders can experience healthy growth and participation in sports and life.

We do this by raising awareness of heart screenings and delivering workshops and live events educating leaders and young sports men and women how to remove anxiety and negative pressure.

THE PROCESS - The Pressures From Life And Sports

Deliver and film the first 'live event' to demonstrate the concept of how to remove pressure and anxiety

Raise awareness using Social Media and Crowd Funder

Invite donations and support to raise money

Start the Charity creation process

Begin to deliver more 'live events' and attract more support from athletes who have suffered from anxiety and pressure

A 'champion' will be nominated in areas around the country who will be trained to deliver the live events

A support and growth network will be created on Facebook

National recognition and support from athletes to keep spreading the work for results.


Raise awareness using Social Media and Crowd Funder

Invite donations and support to raise money

Start the charity creation process

Invite CRY to deliver heart screenings at local clubs

Attract more support from celebrity athletes and organisations

Partner with clubs to offer heart screenings


Parents of young athletes

Professional athletes who understand the value this charity and want to be associated with it

Businesses who can offer donations to help towards making this a reality

Philanthropists that believe young people in sports deserve to be given chances in life to overcome challenges

Coaches of athletes

People who care about the cause


Donate, donate, donate and help us help young sports men and woman across the country


I recently filmed a live event highlighting how to shift perceptions from a situation when the answers to release pressure and anxiety aren't forthcoming.

Watch and learn how you can quickly remove anxiety and negative pressure by shifting your perception here.

Be part of something amazing and get involved!

Take it easy



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£25,000 or more

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A massive thanks and a chance to help us forge the future of this charity using your knowledge and connections. You will already be a philanthropist doing great things already with a passion for young people in sports and I invite you to offer your guidance to help us move forward quickly

Let's make 'Creating A Charity Supporting Young Athletes' happen

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