Raising funds for Veterinary Costs for Twiglet

by Emma C in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Raising funds for Veterinary Costs for Twiglet
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To raise enough funds to pay for the essential treatment needed for Twiglet, which is not covered by her pet insurance.

by Emma C in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Twiglet was discovered in Romania on her own in woods in the snow in February 2017, she was believed to be approx. 4 months old. 

She was adopted (via PDAWUK) and travelled over to the UK in April 2017 and within hours of arriving she unfortunately had a seizure. PDAWUK has rescued and rehomed 100’s of dogs from Romania and this is not something that has been experienced before.

The seizures continued and due to her adopters not being able to manage this she was fostered and assessed and her medication determined to stop the seizures. The seizures appeared to be under control with medication.

Twig is cared for by a fantastic family who love her dearly and care for her every need ensuring she is very well looked after and is happy.

Unfortunately her seizures have restarted, despite her medication and are happening quite frequently. Her medication is currently being assessed to see if it can be increased anymore to stop the seizures happening. For those who do not know they say that a dog having a grand mal seizure is the equivalent to us humans running a marathon and so it literally exhausts them. It is also very dangerous for them whilst they are having the seizure. Twig also has problems walking, which we think is related to the seizures but this is not clear. Until the seizures stop she cannot be x-rayed to assess what is going on with her back legs.

We want to ensure that Twig gets the medical attention she needs and can be assessed without any financial restrictions to determine a) what is causing the seizures and b) stop them from happening at all.

As the first seizure happened within hours of her arrival into the UK the pet insurance for her doesn’t cover anything related to the seizures.

Any donation small or large would be most appreciated to help discover exactly what is going on with Twiglet. She is very young at just over a year old and has a great quality of life and is very happy so determining the cause of the seizures needs to happen and not be held back by financial restrictions.

Thank you for taking the time to read Twigs story and please help share her story to try and  ensure she continues to live the happy life she so deserves. 

Team Twiglet


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