Raising funds for PKD Treatment

Raising funds for PKD Treatment

Raising funds for medical​ treatment to prolong my polycystic kidney disease and hopefully cure my condition

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I was diagnosed with a life threatening condition called PKD.There is no cure in western medicine,and I will be on kidney dialysis in 10yrs or maybe sooner as my condition is getting worse.

After doing alot of research there's a clinic in China that claims to have a 87% success rate of curing my rare kidney disease.

Treatment takes 4-6 weeks being hospitalized and looked after by specialist doctors and nurses.

PKD killed my father at just 53 yrs old,I'm 43 now and with your help hopefully my condition can be cured or prolonged and also stop me suffering with all the pain I'm in.

Please give whatever you can afford even if it's just £2 to £3.im grateful for all your support


Karl Wilde-Parkes xx