Raising funds for much need pioneering surgery

by Beki bedoui in Lancaster, England, United Kingdom

Raising funds for much need  pioneering surgery
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My aim is to raise money for much needed pionnering vascular surgery To change the life of Rebecca bedoui

by Beki bedoui in Lancaster, England, United Kingdom

My dream is for my friend to be pain free 

Beki has suffered the past 15 years with painful swollen ulcerated legs , she was advised over twenty years ago to have varicose vein surgery after the birth of her first child with the nhs, unfortunately this was the beginning of bekis problems . 

She’s a hard working honest person who deserves to live a normal life without pain This is stopping her from doing certain activities , one being to take her grandchildren swimming. I can’t sit back and see her suffer with a possibility in the future of her not being able to walk .

The nhs doesn’t provide And cannot fund this procedure. All they can provide is wound dressing 

Which unfortunately is proving unsuccessful as she has constant infections in her ulcers, causing tremendous pain.

Bekis family discovered The whitely clinic (the home of varicose vein surgery) 

Where she discovered the the reality of how severe her legs had degenerated 

So that’s where her friends and family jump in we are Hoping to raise some of the money by having fun !

And by asking who ever reads this statement help us achieve this life changing surgery for her. 

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