Raising funds for new camera equipment

Raising funds for new camera equipment

I'm trying to raise money for new camera equipment for the new football season 2017/18.

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £535 with 31 supporters in 56 days

Hi all,

I'm looking at upgrading my camera set up to provide better coverage of the games next year.

The idea is to replace my DSLR camera, which it's primary function is for photography, and to replace it with a video camera.

This season has been an incredible journey for all involved at Bromsgrove Sporting, and next year I would like to document the entire season to the best of my ability.

With my DSLR, there are certain limitations, such as manual zoom, not being able to record HD at a high frame rate (which allows for smooth slow-motion footage), only being able to record 20 minutes at a time, and battery issues.

With your help, I would like to purchase a video camera, capable of recording 4K at 120 Frames Per Second, electronic zoom; alongside two GoPro style cameras to sit behind the goals for goalmouth action, and the neccessary storage devices for these (SD cards).

Thank you in advance, and if you have any questions then please do get in touch.


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