Raising funds for a poultry farm

by Akin Emmanuel Oluwashina in 

Raising funds for a poultry farm
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My aim is to get financial assistance in order to make my poultry farming project a success which is to start by September..

by Akin Emmanuel Oluwashina in

Good day all, My name is Gavin wood but I help a friend of my Akindunbi Emmanuel Oluwashina in creating this fundraising campaign project and he is in his early twenties. He's done with high school but due to lack of financial support he was unable to make it to tertiary educational level and I'm helping him to make his dream a success by creating a fundraising campaign in order to get some financial assistance for his upcoming poultry farming project which is to start by late October 20/2018, he is a very talented,humble and smart young man, who is very passionate about his plans and dreams,he is one of the kids out there who needs your support and he is working on to sponsor him self and he loves poultry farming so that's why I helped him to create this campaign so that he can start up his poultry farming business in order to sponsor his tertiary education and this project needs everybody support so don't be left out and please turn up to support this young project and he will be glad to get donations from you all and thanks in advance, this is a project that need your support and nothing is too small to support this project..Your donation can secure a future

Every of your single penny counts cause through your donations the poultry farming project is going to be a success. The poultry farm will be of about five hundred broilers and the cost of starting up is £1500-£1800 and other things like, feeding&drinking equipment,feed(starter and finisher feed),medications and marketing will cost nothing less than £2000 so the remaining funds will be used for unexpected cost.. This is the full details of how the funds being raised are going to be spent so this can only come true by your donations so I'm pleading for your full support..thanks in advance for your donations and God bless you all.

A donation of this certain amount will help me in buying the following:

   £1,165 ~ Will help in buying 150bags of broiler starter feed. 

   £630.44 ~ Will help in buying 80bags of broiler finisher feed. 

   £500 ~ Will help in buying 800broiler chicks.

  £323.86 ~ Will help in buying all required medication.


£100 ~ Will help in buying 13bags of broiler starter feed. 

   £78.81 ~ Will help in buying 10bags of broiler finisher feed. 

   £50 ~ Will help in buying 80broiler chicks.

  £20 ~ Will help in buying some required medication

You can support with what you have to make this poultry farming project a success and nothing is too small.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Bag of starter feed

£30 or more

£20 Reward

Feeding equipment

£50 or more

£20 Reward

Bags of finisher feed

Let's make 'Raising funds for a poultry farm' happen