Raising funds 4 North West Charities, we need you

Supporting local causes with various events in Preston and surrounding areas. Looking for NEW causes to support in 2017 please share

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Fairydust Events started in 2015.  Our first event was a Ladies Night on the 18th May and our first cause was Gift of a Wedding.  Other events in that year including Psychic Nights, Family Fun Days, and a Craft Fayre.  Other charities we  supported was North West Air Ambulance, Preston Neonatal Unit, Cancer Help Preston, Donna's Dream House and Claire's House Children's Hospice.  We raised a total of just over £1000 for our first year.

This year we are supporting 4 charities.  They are:

  • Cancer Help Preston
  • Blackpool Tiggers
  • Preston NeoNatal Unit
  • Lagans Foundation

So far this year we have done regular Psychic Nights on a monthly basis,  a Queen Tribute Night, a Ladies Night, and two family fun days.  We also have 1 remaining Psychic Night, and our last event of this year on the 9th December another Ladies Night.

Fairydust Events is a NON PROFIT organisation, and after costs for running an event and marketing EVERY penny goes to our local causes, so far this year we have raised approx £1800.  We do have a target of £3000 to raise this year and with YOUR help this can happen.

Our charities are small causes, and do not receive any public funding simply keeping their doors open by public donation.  We try to help in a very small way by raising awareness and much needed funds for their cause.

Our websites are:

www.fairydust-events.co.uk and www.fairydust-events.org

Our Facebook is:


Our Twitter is:


If you would like to be involved in our work or want to know more about any aspect we would welcome the chance to chat :)