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Started on 10th May 2020 Leicester, England, United Kingdom

The Coronavirus pandemic means more people than ever with dementia are isolated at home, often without any company to self isolate with. It is a confusing and debilitating illness that destroys the mind from within. This cause is quite personal to me as I lost both my grandmother and her brother, my great uncle Tony to the illness within 4 years of each other. The thought of how difficult things were for them even with the support of the family resonates hard with me. To be completely alone everyday with this crushing illness is unimaginable.

The reason I've called the fundraiser "Raise The Bars" is because I am an emcee and also a beatmaker. Anyone who donates £1 or more to the fundraiser will receive a digital copy of my State of Anarchy EP for free, as well as an Unlimited Beat Lease for one of my instrumentals. All my beats are either composed from scratch or use public domain/royalty free samples. You can use the beat for anything you like including monetization on Youtube, Spotify etc. 

In addition, anyone who donates £20 or more will get a free, exclusive,  custom instrumental or track remix from me, as time permits.  I'm hoping that a lot of people donate and I will have my hands full :)

Anyone who donates can email me here for their copy of the EP.


If you donate and want a beat lease just let me know which one and I will send you the files via we transfer.

The beats can be heard at:


To hear the EP firsthand, please visit:


For more information regarding the Alzheimer's Society, please visit:


Please note that I am not endorsed or represented by Alzheimer's Society in any way.


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Good luck bro! Hope you reach your target!

17th May 2020 at 7:28pm
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