Support your Local Food Bank please Donate

by Margate Independent Foodbank CiC in Margate, England, United Kingdom


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Donating £5 will help us feed two families for one week. Donating £10 will help us feed four families for one week. Donating £20 will help u

by Margate Independent Foodbank CiC in Margate, England, United Kingdom

We just finished our first six weeks. Since we opened we have seen 312 people at the door and delivered 322 food parcels over our first six weeks.

We would not have made it this far without your kind Donations.

We will always be relying on public donations to survive that

Is the food banks life line.

We have over the last six weeks, been thinking long term soul we become a Charity or CIC After talking talking to ouraccountant.e

We have decided to become a

Community Interest Company.

Why have we done this for two reasons one we can now apply for funding two we will as time goes by do additional activities to support the Community not just be food bank.


I beg you please carry on with your kind and generosity that you have shown over the last six weeks Thank you 

Let's make 'Support your Local Food Bank please Donate' happen

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