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Raise the Volume and help fight chronic pain!

We did it!

On 13th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £21,800 of £20,000 target with 283 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Thanks to you we've manage to fit the clinic out with the basic furniture needed to function. But with another £10,000 we can restore the vaulted ceiling to its former glory turning the upstairs into a space that we can rent out for events (helping to bring in an income that will ensure we can keep treatment people for years to come!).

We believe that too many people in the world live with pain and that we have a duty to reduce this suffering whether they can pay for it or not. 

We are going to change this by setting up clinics where money isn’t the defining factor and for this we need your help and support. By backing us you’ll be helping to relieve pain and suffering, starting with Hackney, but you’ll also be part of a pioneering social healthcare solution from its inception.

FACT: More days are lost to back, neck and muscle pain than any other cause. And in Hackney alone around 40,000 people will be suffering from chronic pain right now.

Who are we?

We are Danny and Duncan, two osteopaths working in London, and we think it’s unfair that not everyone has access to our treatment. So to remedy this, we've set up CORE, a social enterprise and charity whose goal is to provide access to low cost treatment while collecting data for research and offering expert mentoring.

CORE's aim

  • Affordable treatments
  • Researching preventative health
  • Mentoring for graduates
  • Collaborative space
  • Integrating the community

Why do we need the money?

We will be renovating the old Sam & Annie Day Centre in Clapton and turning it into a charitable osteopathic clinic. As well as a health and wellbeing centre we want to make the CORE Clinic a collaborative space that will house numerous social enterprise and start-ups with the shared aim of improving integration amongst different age and ethnic groups. 


To renovate this space costs money. After 4 years of hard graft we’ve managed to secure enough funding to sign a lease but not enough to cover the refurbishing - we still need another £40,000! That’s where you come in. This will involve tearing down walls to open out the space, restoring the original vaulted ceiling and arches, furbishing the kitchen and bathrooms, and building clinic and meeting rooms. For this we will need basic building materials, furniture, paint and decorations. And we need volunteers!

Other Pain-related Facts:

  • Back pain is the biggest cause of disability worldwide, with neck pain fourth, above HIV, cancer and diabetes.
  • The social and economic burden of musculoskeletal problems in the UK is enormous, accounting for more than 31 million lost days in 2013 – more than any other cause.
  • One in seven people in the UK suffers from chronic pain yet fewer than 16% ever get to visit a specialist pain clinic.
  • Women suffer from chronic pain 3 times as much as men.
  • Pain has an cumulative effect leading to more frequent and more intense episodes and increasing the likelihood of other pain disorders (hence why timely treatment is essential).


Over the next 6 weeks we'll be unveilling a variety of rewards donated by the local community or friends of CORE who feel strongly about our fight against pain. From an invite to our launch party to donating a set of treatments to someone in pain you can be part of this ground-breaking movement from the start. Each week we'll unveil new rewards ranging from cookery courses to theatre tickets to restaurant meals - there should be something for everyone. Or just pledge for the sake of it and get that warm fuzzy feeling when you know you're doing some good.


We have big ambitions, but why should you sponsor us? 

A life with less or no pain can mean a return to the things we love doing - gardening, dancing, working, cooking, climbing - even just walking to the shops is too painful for some people. You might not know anyone who suffers from persistent pain, but the stats suggest that you will, and in the future it may be you. By helping us construct this clinic you will become part of a social movement to fight pain across a diverse range of communities. Remember - everyone has the right to a pain-free life!

Shouldn't the NHS provide osteopathy for free?

Well yes, in an ideal world. The fact is the NHS has a debt in excess of £2 billion and so preventative care and research are the first areas to suffer. Also, while the Department of Work and Pensions appreciates the huge burden chronic pain puts on the economy, the NHS is tied up fighting more acute illness and therefore has fewer resources to address chronic problems.

What’s the evidence for osteopathy?

There is strong evidence proving the effectiveness of osteopathy to treat some problems, most notably for back pain (NICE guidelinesBEAMLicciardone et al) . We would like to build on existing research and use data collected from our new clinic to add to evidence which will justify further clinical trials. This will include most chronic pain disorders but especially preventative treatment in the hope that we can reduce the number of GP visits or hospital appointments, especially in the elderly.

So get on board, share this site and help us reach our goal!

For more information contact Danny or Duncan at info@corecic.com.

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