Raise the roof!

To save the oldest, continuously used Methodist Chapel in Derbyshire and the second oldest in the UK, where John Wesley preached

We did it!

On 10th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £1,030 with 40 supporters in 56 days

Many, many thanks to everyone!


Because of the generosity of all of you, we have been able to access money from grant funding bodies, Gift Aid and other organisations and now think we have just about enough money to meet our target. The scaffolding is in place and we await the structural surveyor's final report but hope we have budgeted for all repairs.  We have been overcome with the response from the whole community.

Crich Wesley Chapel, built in 1765, where John Wesley preached, is the oldest Chapel in Derbyshire and the second oldest in the UK where there has been continuous worship for over 250 years. There is now a very serious threat to the fabric of the Chapel as the roof is in danger of collapsing and pushing the external walls out. The small active congregation of 10 has raised £6,700 but there is a shortfall of £14,000 to meet the estimated cost of replacing the roof.

The loss of this historic building would be catastrophic, not only for the small community of worshipers but also for the wider community and the international Methodist community. The loss to the village of Crich of this facility, where many different community groups meet regularly for special activities would be immeasurable.


Who are we?

We are a congregation of 10 with a combined age of about 700 years; years in which we have been privileged to worship in this beautiful building and be an integral part of a working village in this area steeped in history, and full of interest



Crich is a village of 3000 or so in the county of Derbyshire  and fund raising locally for the roof has raised £6,700 – mainly in small amounts from regular meetings such as: 

  • Messy Church for families, 
  • Music therapy for dementia suffers, 
  • Soup Lunches, 
  • Crich Ladies Group, 
  • Popalong Baby and Toddler Group, 
  • Muddlealong craft group, and 
  • Crich Careline providing support for the elderly and isolated.  


What our community groups/supporters say.

“The loss of this historical and still-living building would be quite catastrophic and an indictment on our parish if we allowed this to happen.” Peter Patilla, Local historian and community leader.”

“The chapel provides a beautiful setting in which those with dementia can gain respite from their illness and a sense of self-worth through their participation in music sessions.”   David Ashton, Chair, Crich Patient Group

“Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you put into making Popalong such a fantastic part of our community” Laura and William.

So why do we need your support?

 Because the roof is in imminent danger of collapsing and the small congregation cannot meet the remaining costs of £14,000 through existing fund raising activities.

Where will the money go?

The cost of scaffolding, lifting and relaying the tiles is estimated as £6,000.

The cost of hiring a structural engineer and replacing the structure of the roof and possibly stonework repairs is estimated at £14,000.

 The congregation has already raised £6,700 towards these costs.

Good Company.

Apart from the rewards listed on the website, in contributing you would also be in very good company: 

Florence Nightingale

53ce0e5f04a2cca726672af065b88aa838f12f2c"I think one's feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results." Florence Nightingale

From The Methodist Recorder dated 28th December 1905   

“And now the old chapel is in sore need of renovation. It requires a new roof. A new heating apparatus must be installed, and the chapel re-decorated throughout …..Miss Florence Nightingale, the noble heroine of the Crimea, has generously sent £3 3s….. Will a few kind-hearted lovers of Methodism, who have a strong affection for the old “Meeting Houses,” and the associations of our beloved Church, assist the good friends at Crich in their effort to make the house they love so well secure against the ravages of time for many years to come.”

George Stephenson

Furthermore, in 1848 George Stephenson,  renowned as the 'Father of Railways' had a conversation with his long-time friend and associate Thomas Summerside in which he said 

"Summerside, I have got you ten pounds for your Chapel." "Thank you, Sir," I replied; "it is not for my Chapel I asked for the money; it is the old Chapel at Crich, where John Wesley preached."

Thank you from the small congregation and the wider community of Crich!

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