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Raise the Roof
We did it
On 20th December 2019 we successfully raised £1,003 with 26 supporters in 31 days

We desperately need to raise money to replace the roof on our scout hut and also carry out further internal maintenance work.

by 1st Hartburn Sea Scouts Group in Stockton On Tees, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We need to safeguard the future of our scout group first and foremost.  To be able to provide a premises where the group can continue to grow.  

Any additional money we receive would enable us to purchase boats so that the children can use the water more regularly.  We would also need to purchase a new trailer to tow them.  

But our ultimate goal would be to be able to buy a mini bus for the group.  This would give us the freedom of taking the children wider afield and give them the opportunities of experiencing new activities and visit historical sites and museums.  We are currently limited to what visits we do with the children due to lack of reliable transport.

We are excited to be celebrating our 100 years in 2021, but sadly we find that our Scout Hut is ageing and in need of a new roof and various other maintenance work. Recent estimates to replace the roof and remove existing asbestos are somewhere in the region of £23,000. We are in desperate need to raise the money so that the work can be carried out and we have somewhere to meet. 

We have held a number of fund raising events which has raised small amounts so far. Our fear is that we will not reach the 100 years with our hut in its current state and are asking for people to help us. 

GROUP BACKGROUND The group itself was founded in 1921 by Captain Thomas Graham Mellanby, the Mellanby family who have since died out were very philanthropic in the Hartburn area, and his father was a Justice of the Peace. Thomas flew in the 1st World War as a member of the Royal Flying Corp and we have the propeller from his plane hung up. He was a keen scouter dedicating his time to the group and died as a consequence of his wounds in 1926 following a camp in Commondale. 

The group took the name 1st Hartburn Scouts (Graham Mellanby’s Own) in 1932 and was registered as a Sea Scout Group 20 years later. When first established, we would meet at Hartburn Lodge, at this time the land the current venue stands on was leased from Stockton Borough Council. The Group Leaders and parents at the time built a single brick building. We have in recent years raised money to replace the windows with double glazing and new doors. Our fear now is that without the degrading roof being replaced we will lose our meeting hall, as we scout weekly with 70 plus young people we really are anxious about this. 

THE GROUP TODAY 1st Hartburn Sea Scout Group is the only Sea Scout Group in the immediate area and we try to get the young people on the water as much as possible. We also can do our own archery and axe throwing within the Group. We offer scouting to both girls and boys from the age of 6 to 18 and ensure a packed programme every week with camps also being a strong part of what we do. We pride ourselves in offering scouting to young people giving them skills to develop and grow into well-adjusted young people. We are the only Sea Scout group in the immediate area and encourage our young people to participate in canoeing, raft building axe throwing and also archery, and camping. We want to continue this, and to do this need to get the building up to date and refurbished to survive for another 100 years! We are conscious that the work we need to do to our hut will have to be both energy efficient and environmental friendly. 

Our vision is to ensure the the roof is replaced with eco-friendly materials. The single brick walls need cladding and insulating to make the hut more energy efficient. We are also looking into the possibility of installing solar panels but this will depend on costing and if we can raise enough money. 

FUND RAISIING In total the group needs approximately £45,000 and we have fundraised ourselves and have so far managed to raise over £10,300. We are hoping to do more with sponsored events, raffles and so on. We currently run a 100 Club and recently did a Sponsored walk across the Middlesbrough Transporter bridge. Our fund raising is slow as we are managing to raise small amounts each time, but we are fearful that we may run out of time because we need such a large amount of money to carry out the urgently needed work. 

We are a registered charity administered by Trustees, so all money raised is guaranteed to be used for the purpose we are raising it for – Our Scout Hut. 

We hope you will support us in whatever way you can. We are asking for help in raising money to guarantee the future of the group by bringing our hut into the 21st century.

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