Raise money for London Terror Victims

Raise money for London Terror Victims

I want to raise money to help the victims of the recent terror attack in London, rebuild their lives.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Again, we have seen our public seriously injured and killed in another terrorist attack. These mindless thugs wish to divide us, break us and destroy our unity. 

As a mark of strength, and respect,  I am asking you, the public, to donate and help those affected, injured and the relatives of the six people tragically killed just as we did following the Manchester bombing. 

These innocent victims need our help, need us to pull together and display our solidarity, love and empathy. 

Terrorists will never defeat us, they will never divide our communities, we will always come back fighting for our people, helping them and standing by them 100%.

Please help raise £5000, so together, we can help the victims of the London attacks. 

Thank you x