raise money for legal funds so I can see my kids

by Anthony Rigby in Wittering, England, United Kingdom

raise money for legal funds so I can see my kids
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to raise enough money to help me with legal costs in order to go to court to try and get contact with my children who I can't see

by Anthony Rigby in Wittering, England, United Kingdom

So I have been married for 9 years and have 4 great children, the marriage has had its ups and downs but never did I imagine what was about to happen.

As a serving member of the armed forces, I deployed to Afghanistan in June this year, whilst over there my wife told me that she wanted out, despite trying to convince her that I love her dearly and wanted to work out our issues, she was adamant, or so I thought, I was receiving mixed messages, she would give it a go, then she wouldn't. I was sent home from Afghanistan on compassionate grounds for what I thought was to try and save my marriage. On returning to the UK my wife informed me that she had vacated the house and taken our children with her, I returned home to an empty house.

She had moved in with a "friend" who she then decided to tell me she was in love with, four days after my return, I find out that the woman I love has gotten engaged to this "freind" she won't answer my calls and she won't let me see or speak to our children

As you can see from my situation, my wife has left and is denying access to our children, I need to raise funds for help with legal costs as she will not speak to me or allow me to speak to the children

Funds will be used to go through the court process to enable me to have contact with our children

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