Raise money for Blue's spinal surgery

by hope angel in Colchester, England, United Kingdom

Raise money for Blue's spinal surgery


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Blue is a survivor, he means the world to us and we don't know what we would do without him. Please donate, anything would help.

by hope angel in Colchester, England, United Kingdom


Blue is now 6 1/2 years old, he is a fun loving energetic dog. He has the best expressions, always raising his eyebrows at us. He loves to be cuddle and goes under the duvet, he hates it when one of us goes out but when we come back in he runs straight up to us and wiggles his little bum.

We bought Blue June,2015, as soon as we saw him we fell in love. He was the most gorgeous little white ball of fluff. That night at home he was crying all night and he just didn't seem right, there was blood when he went to the toilet. We took him straight to the vets the next morning, they gave him some medication but that night he cried even more and was just not right. So we took him back to the vets, they did multiple tests which told us he had parvovirus and they said that its a very deadly illness and they said that its a very low percent that Blue would survive. Blue was in the vets for the next 2 weeks and he beat the virus, however we didn't know that this wasn't going to be the end of his fight. 

That December, we had to rush him to the animal health trust in newmarket, the did an MRI and multiple other tests. The specialist told us that Blues last vertebra had just mushed away due to the parvovirus. After a week in the vets we picked him up, he was sent home with gabapentin, metacam, tramadol and antibiotics. He wasn't allowed to move and we had to make sure that he didn't jump, which was very difficult as Blue was very active and playful puppy. About 10 months later we took Blue back to the animal health trust to repeat the MRI, we was told that blue would need an operation to have in implant put where the vertebra mushed. However the MRI showed that his body had built a bridge of bone in place of the missing vertebra. All the vets couldn't believe that his body had done that. 

The parvovirus cost about £2,000. The back problem was about £8,000. So almost £10,000 after this we couldn't get insurance as Blue was high risk. We wasn't expecting history to repeat itself 6 years later. Unfortunately the bridge of bone that had replaced the vertebra is now impinging on his spinal cord and so is the vertebra below. Blue is now on 100% rest for the next six weeks, he is on pain medication which is helping only a little. Watching Blue in pain and cry for hours at a time is absolutely heartbreaking. 

He needs spinal surgery as soon as possible. Please, could you donate, every little penny will count to his surgery. Anything left over will be donated to a animal charity to help other pets.

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