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Raise 200 pounds for charity four paws. we want to show that our entrepreneurial ideas can help the charity to raise money

by Team Five in London, England, United Kingdom

Dear Friends!

Thank you for visiting our page. It means that you care for animals as much as we do, and you understand that they are in need of our help and protection.

Four Paws provides wild and domestic animals with medical treatment, shelter, foodand helps them receive proper rehabilitation. The foundation supports bears, big cats, monkeys, horses and stray animals. Most of them get injured by natural causes and, sadly, from human actions as well.

Four Paws was founded in 1988 in Austria to campaign against fur farms and battery farmed eggs.

Even during these early years, the charity was a big success, closing down numerous fur farms, stopping two airlines transporting wild birds and generating awareness about cruelty to bears at tourist attractions.

In 1994 Four Paws started to work internationallyand now has offices in thirteen countries. This allows Four Paws to lobby and campaign more effectively, improving animal welfare and saving thousands of animals’ lives each year.

The foundation requires funds to purchase medicine and food andto pay for vetand animal welfare lawyer services.

One of the Four Paws organization’s current main campaigns is to terminate cat and dog meat trading in Indonesia. 7% of the population in Indonesia are involved in trapping and killing stray animals for food purposes. However, thanks to the foundation being proactive and cooperating with other animal rights activists and organisations along with local authorities, this practice is spotlighted and receives negative assessment of the Indonesian community.

Let us help Four Paws make animal lives a bit better all over the globe!