Raising funds to help Mark Ram

by Fiona agha in London, England, United Kingdom

Raising funds to help Mark Ram


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Neurological Physiotherapy; Oncology Pharmacist; Taxi fares; Stair lift; Wet room for wheelchair; wheelchair accessible car.

by Fiona agha in London, England, United Kingdom

Mark, aged 43, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in November 2018. The only symptom he had was a very slight dragging of his right leg. He went to an osteopath who had been treating him for back pain – she said that he needed to see a neurologist asap. Over the course of the next 10 days, Mark was diagnosed with the brain tumour, had a seizure, was admitted to hospital and then lost nearly all mobility in his right arm and leg. Shortly after, he started a gruelling routine of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for 6 weeks.

Mark’s brain tumour is inoperable and it’s location severely impacts speech and mobility – he has gone from living a normal life to being “disabled” overnight. He sleeps alone in the front room of the family home as he cannot climb stairs and is wheelchair bound for the rest of the time. That said, his humility, immense strength of character, spiritual strength and determined spirit have allowed him to accept the situation he is in without once complaining and he refuses to be defeated by this illness. He is incredibly positive in his outlook and wants to do whatever is possible to be there for his family.

All of this came as a devastating blow to the family, who had to come to terms with such an overwhelming situation in such a short space of time. Mark is a loving, devoted husband and father to his 9 year old daughter; his family’s safety and security are what he holds closest to his heart. In 2018, Mark was trying to pursue a career move and held various temping positions, but at the time of his diagnosis he was not in a permanent job, so was not receiving a regular income. This also meant that he had no support from an employer, financial or otherwise.

Due to the aggressive nature of his tumour, Mark needs help to explore other treatment options. He also needs assistance to move from the bed to the wheelchair and he needs a carer to be with him for the majority of the time. Social services are funding this to an extent, but his wife, Michelle is also having to step in as a carer for him before and after work as well as looking after their daughter so as to maintain as normal a life as possible for her.

To give his body the best chance of fighting the cancer, his wife is cooks all Mark’s food from scratch and from all organic produce.

Michelle has managed to hold everything together these past few months, but now they all need help. Michelle has battled to secure for Mark all the State support he is entitled to but, unfortunately, it’s not enough. It is therefore with great reluctance that they are asking for financial help. This would be put towards taxi fares to get Mark to and from hospital appointments, Neurological Physiotherapy sessions – (re-learning how to use his right arm and leg in due course) Visits to a private Oncology Pharmacist, home modifications such as a (stair lift, installation of a wheelchair accessible wet-room) dietary requirements and alternative therapies all of which are expensive.

A Wheelchair Accessible Car would help the family enormously, allowing them to do the normal family activities like going to the shops together or having a family outing) but this would cost £15,000-£20,000.00 to buy or approximately £250.00 per month to lease (and the family would still need a deposit of approximately £3,000.00).

Any contributions towards this or even any of the other aspects listed above would be greatly appreciated.

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