Raise funds for Level 3 diploma in Dog Grooming

Raise funds for Level 3 diploma in Dog Grooming

After my accident in Jan 2014, help to raise funds for a Diploma in Dog Grooming to open my own buisness and progress my career and my life.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In January 2014 i flew to America for a holiday. The holiday started great, however, in the last few days i had an accident which resulted in me breaking my ankle and my leg. I had to have surgery whilst in America and had several rods, plates and screws inserted. The first recovery time was 12 weeks, followed by 12 weeks rehabilitation. After this long process i was told i was going to be able to walk and everything would be fine.

This was not the case. I had severe pain within my ankle and leg. After seeing the consultants again they told me it was the screws that was irritating me and i would have to get them removed, however, i now was told i am going to be in lifelong pain, that i have arthritus and now also have osteoporosis. As you can imagine being 30 and hearing something like this did set me back. I had the operation as advised and nothing has changed.

Following this on the 20th October 2016 i had a further operation to remove more screws which apprently would again make the problem better. I am still recovering now with physio to follow. The ankle is no better, the pain and the stiffness are still there and i am now thinking this is something that i am going to have to live with.

This accident has changed my life, however, i am determined to still build a career, a buisness and a life for my family.

Dog grooming is something i have always been interested in. I have five dogs myself and reguarly bath and maintain there coats.

In order to be able to dog groom and to have the right certification you need to complete a level 3 in Dog Grooming through City and Guilds. The cost of the course including the exams is £4000, which as you can imagine is alot of money for anyone, especially for somone in my current position.

The course itself covers grooming all types of dogs including practical exams but also provides you with the know how to set up and run your own buisness. This is something i believe would beneficial for myself. Having my own buisness would benefit my life as i can arrange appointments and my work life around my pain and set the buisness up to my needs. This will provide myself and my family with a secure income and also help my get my life back on track.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and if you do donate anything again thank you.