Raise funds for Jack's operation

Raise funds for Jack's operation

Jack is a 7 yearJack Russell/Yorkshire Terrier and has a large growth around his legs and groin. His owner 81 year Marion Campbell

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Jack is a  7 yearJack Russell/Yorkshire Terrier and a constant and loyal companion to, his owner, 81 year Marion Campbell.

Marion has had Jack since he was a young pup and has been a great companion for her for the last 7 years.  Unfortunately Jack has developed a growth around his legs and groin area. It is growing and as it grows is preventing him from walking and eventaully will make in incontinent cause him ore and more pain and may well eventaully kill him.  However there is a solution, Jack can have an operation but will cost Marion and her family £600. 

Marion is already very worried and distressed that she may lose her companion for the last 7 years and at her stage of life, losing Jack will certianly distress her greatly.

Please could you find it in your heart to donate whatever you can towards this life saving operation.