Rainy days and Mondays
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To design and produce sustainable activewear that aims to make the hours in every day, better. Never let Rainy days and Mondays get you down

by Kathryn Croxson in Nuneham Courtenay, England, United Kingdom


My vision is to create beautiful sustainable Swimand active wear for men and women that is uplifting and inspires positivity through its colour and purpose. I want it to be available for purchase all year round and I want it to be accessible to everyone. We can all be a part of   building a sustainable future for our children and changing the ways we do things now that can have a positive impact later. We can now choose to use recycled fabric and I feel that where possible, we should make use of it. 

Sometimes Rainy days and Mondays can be harder than other days. I want to use the money I raise through crowdfunding to design and create unique wet weather gear, that fits our shape rather than box it in. I want to use the power and energy of colour to produce swimwear, activewear and accessories out of recycled fabric. I want this to be a brand that has purpose and makes us feel good and at the same time it can help the environment and future rainy days and Mondays, will be ok. 


Exercise is one of the easiest ways to release tension and ignite motivation. It is a natural way to benefit from the positivity of endorphins, so in many ways it should be part of our every day. It may not fix your everyday problems, but it might relieve them.

With a love of colour and shape I want to create and transform ordinary items into the unique. I have always benefitted from some form of exercise not only physically but mentally and some days it helps more than others. I am sure it is our duty to encourage others to get the same benefits we get, if they have positive effect. 


I am a huge fan of colour and pattern and the positive outcomes it can have and if we can combine some of these creative ideas into our exercise gear, and wet weather gear, we should. It could be a hint of colour and it could be an enormous pattern, but either way, it will be a recycled kit that will get you from A to B and you'll end up feeling better than you did when you started. The collection will include Swimwear, leggings and running tops as well as raincoats and accessories to make a wet journey far more enjoyable. 


The company I will use to  manufacture the swimwear and activewear, will collect waste including fishing nets, plastic bottles and fabric scraps, then melt them into nylon and plastic chips, then remake them into fabric fibres and transform them into nylon yarn. I hope to visit the factory to have a better understanding of the process and support them in their amazing achievements as well as being able to contribute to something with good intentions. THIS IS SO CLEVER!


My aim will be to return percentage of the profits into areas that really need it. I will have a wet weather/outdoors range and a percentage of the profits from this I want to donate to drought affected areas where a lack of rain has a life changing impact on the primary industry that relies on it and the people. With my active wear line, I want a percentage of the profits to be donated to mental health charities that support people who need the support of others. Exercise has always supported my mental health and if we can encourage and educate others, maybe we can make a difference in their lives too. 

Rainy days and Mondays needn't get us down.


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