Rainhill - Save Our Green Belt

Rainhill -  Save Our Green Belt

Rainhill - Save Our Green Belt, oppose St Helens Council's 'Local Plan' to develop three areas of Green Belt Land in and around Rainhill.

We did it!

On 22nd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Rainhill - Save Our Green Belt.  There are a total of three separate areas under threat of being taken out  of Green Belt Status by St Helens Councils 'Local Plan' for the development of housing.  

Two of the three areas are actually in the Eccleston Park area, they are ECCLESTON PARK GOLF CLUB (GBS_044). and HANGING BRIDGE FARM (GBS_038). East of Rainhill Road and behind the Rainhill Road houses on Gardeners Way side, this area stretches between Elton Head Road to Ritherup Lane.  

Finally MILL LANE, RAINHILL (GBS_032). the land behind The Manor Farm Public House.

If the long term development 'Local Plan' were to be passed, the developed sites would increase the number of private dwellings by a minimum of 43%.

This would increase the population to within the region of around 34,848 residents. This would increase the local road usage by approximately28,000 on an average of two vehicles per house hold.

We ask you to support us in any way you can.  None of our councillors are!!

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