Rainforest Indonesia for protecting Orang-Utans

by Selina A in Kinghorn, Scotland, United Kingdom

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To protect the Orang-Utans in Indonesia from Extinction.

by Selina A in Kinghorn, Scotland, United Kingdom

I've been to Indonesia personally and I've seen the Orang-Utans. I've been to the National Park Tanjung Puting in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. This huge island used to be covered by rainforest, deep and undiscovered. Orang-Utans could live there happily beside other monkeys like Makakes and Gibbons. Other animals could live there and the nature flourished. 

But then humans decided to destroy this peaceful piece of earth, cut down almost all parts of the rainforest and started planting palms. Palms for palm oil. Have you ever taken a look on the ingredients of the products they offer to us in the supermarkets? Almost all of them content palm oil. They just swapped from other vegetable oils to palm oil and we didn't notice. 

I've seen these plants. I've seen the huge area they cover. There are millions of palms, row in row, planted to be cut down soon, to be planted again. And nobody cares about the animals that once lived there.

There's one good thing: plants may not be built in National Park areas. I am in contact with the staff of the National Park and the people that work in Camp Leaky - the famous camp for monkey rehabilitation where once Jane Goodall worked too. 

They found out, that the local people are willing to sell a piece of their land. 4 Hectares, 500£ per hectare. If we don't buy it, the planters will and there will be soon more palms growing and more Orang-Utans dying. 

Please help me fund 500£ to start buying pieces of land and give it to the people that understand what nature means! Thank you!

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