Rainbow Rocket - Bringing Climbing to Cambridge

Rainbow Rocket - Bringing Climbing to Cambridge

Build a brand new dedicated bouldering centre, the first in Cambridge.

We did it!

On 16th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £11,376 with 127 supporters in 28 days

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Rainbow Rocket - Cambridge's dedicated bouldering centre

Rainbow Rocket are excited to bring Cambridge its first dedicated climbing centre. Scheduled to open in January 2018, we’re giving you the chance to be a part of it and to get some fantastic rewards.


Our 6,000 sqft facility will cater for everyone - from beginners to elites, kids and adults. Everything from techy slabs to powerful overhangs, circuit boards and campus boards, we’ll have it! In addition to our climbing, we'll have a dedicated studio for yoga, warming up and training.

We're going to be more than just a wall, we'll provide a community for all climbers. We'll have:

  • Social evenings to meet other climbers - with free coaching to help you develop
  • Rainbow Rocket Competitions - for all levels, with great prizes too
  • Kids clubs and a squad - taking them all the way to national competitions and beyond
  • Organised outdoor trips around the UK and abroad - whether a seasoned climber or a novice taking their first steps, we'll work with qualified instructors to give you exactly what you need


Located just 10 minutes' cycle from the city centre and across from the train station on Clifton Road, we’ve already started building our new bouldering centre.


Cambridge is one of the largest cities in the UK without a dedicated climbing centre. Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports, and will be in the Olympics in 2020. Until now, Cambridge locals have had to travel to London, Milton Keynes or Northampton to climb.  We’re bringing bouldering right to your doorstep!

For the past year, the team at Rainbow Rocket have been working to push through planning permission, secure a property and line up a team to build. We’ve kicked everything off and now need your help to build you the best centre we can.

While we have significant private investment already in place, the money raised here will enable us to expand our plans and build an even bigger and better centre for you - Make Cambridge Great Again! 


We're targeting an early 2018 opening, hopefully in January!




We’ve got a huge range of rewards lined up: coaching masterclasses, discounted membership, naming rights on holds and Rainbow Rocket branded kit. Anyone pledging £100 or more will also have their name listed on our supporters board, which will be displayed in the centre.

Please note:

  • To bundle multiple rewards together: after choosing a reward,  choose "Pledge more" (top right) and add the relevant amount to your pledge. We'll email you to confirm the extra rewards.
  • To bundle a class with something else: select the class as the reward (numbers are limited), then add the relevant amount for the extra reward.
  • To have your reward posted to you (rather than picking it up from the centre), pledge £3 more. We'll email you to confirm your address. (Only available for Rainbow Rocket kit).

Coaching Masterclasses (limited!)

Join us for a 2 hour group masterclass, up to 8 in each group, with:

979a62d24d0c51bd0ce46fb4cdd4598829941e19Gaz Parry: 7-time British Champion (4x Lead, 2x Boulder, 1x Speed), Climbing Coach, Rock Master (yes, that’s a thing). A fixture of the UK climbing scene, Gaz has coached climbers from novices to elites, regularly running classes in the UK as well as on trips to Fontainebleau and Kalymnos.

b0ba231c5a4d65d65d47d2521282b6ec19098daeLouis Parkinson: “Captain Cutloose”, BIFF Champion, Wad. Probably the strongest climber in the world, Louis is most famous for his extreme power but his energy and enthusiasm make him the perfect coach for all levels. The man behind Catalyst Climbing, Louis and his team run classes all across London.

Discounted membership: We’ve got a range from 10-entry packs up to a full year’s membership, all at ~15% off our launch price.

Rainbow Rocket kit: T-shirts, hoodies, water bottles and tote bags. Special "supporter" kit available too!

Name a hold!: We’ll put your name on a hold, in permanent marker. And you'll get to keep it when we retire it.

Business sponsorship: We'll put your name and logo onto our business sponsors board. Or get in touch (jeremy at rainbowrocket.cc) for more bespoke packages (logos as part of the wall, group induction sessions for your staff, staff discounts etc.).


What is bouldering?
Bouldering is a type of climbing where participants climb up to 4.5m above safety matting. It’s climbing at its most basic, with no need for ropes - just you, climbing.

What do I need to boulder?
Just you and normal sports clothing! We can rent you climbing shoes and chalk, so you'll be ready to go.

Is it for everyone?
YES! Bouldering is easily accessible for all and is suitable for kids.

What is Rainbow Rocket?
Rainbow Rocket is a Font 8A dyno (really hard big jump) in Fontainebleau. Check out this video!

Are you hiring?
Yes, we will be! Sign up to our mailing list at rainbowrocket.cc to keep up to date. 

834c134b31f1073e413bc10078dd2935ac6191e6Jeremy is the force behind Rainbow Rocket. A Cambridge University graduate who has previously worked at Google, he’s climbed all over the world, with personal highlights in Australia, the Dolomites North Wales and Fontainebleau - where Rainbow Rocket gets its name. Some of our rewards feature photos from Jeremy's portfolio - you can check it out at jeremyleong.io.

Reward examples:

Our logo - printed on our kit - colours TBD:


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