Railway Genie-Disabled rail travel updated by YOU!

by Railway Genie in St. Neots, England, United Kingdom

Railway Genie-Disabled rail travel updated by YOU!
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Railway Genie will cost me my own money to run, I already self-fund my other website 'Hospital Genie'. The money goes only to the website.

by Railway Genie in St. Neots, England, United Kingdom

Back in 2017 I came up with an idea to help people like myself who visit hospitals a lot due to chronic illness. This then ballooned into creating a 'Genie' brand. The issue I found was the anxiety of going somewhere and not really knowing the true information on things like if facilities worked, was the hospital website correct, was there really disabled parking? I then realised that this sort of information would also help visitors, relatives and any kind of disability. I had so many people fill in the form on the www.hospitalgenie.com website and I was told everything from the restaurants don't have many options for allergy sufferers, all the way to give at least an hour to park in disabled spaces.

To date that website has had nearly 100,000 unique visitors since the launch in September 2017. 

Back in early 2019 I was so fed up with the UK rail network being so inaccesible to wheelchair users. I decided to expand the Genie brand to include Railway Genie. Not only this, but to most other disabilities in some way. As a wheelchair user with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Pots, Sjogrens and many other disabling chronic health conditions, recently I have noticed more people having terrible access issues on trains, stations, booking assistance etc...

I myself have once been left on a train because the origin station got my destination wrong and I ended up in a crying and fearful mess because there was nobody waiting with a ramp to get me off the train. 

Also I have gone to a station that is 'accessible' and found the lift has been out of order for months and nobody thought to inform me.

We all know the UK and Ireland rail network is mostly inaccesible. So if you would like to help others by sharing your information on your local train station, or stations you frequent as someone in a wheelchair, someone with a mobility aid, if you are deaf, blind, have any other disability, then we need YOU!!!

My vision is to get Network Rail involved so they know what struggles we face and how they can improve. I also aim to expand the Genie brand to theatres, museums and much more in the future. 

For now I need your help fundraising to launch the Railway Genie website. The money pays for the monthly subscription for a whole year and my website domain.

I put a lot of my own hours into this for free too, so anything you can donate will help. As soon as we have £300, the website will launch in January 2020!

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