RAFT's Roof Repairs - keep us dry this winter!

How amazing... our appeal is now over funded!!


We are so touched at just how much the public have got behind our roof appeal. To be over funded is just incredible. A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed. The extra funding means we can start working towards removing a flue which caused the leak in the first place. 

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elaine.heyworthgmail.com 10:10 06/Nov/2013

Fantastic news - well done everyone. Such an innovative way to raise money to fix a roof - you deserve your success!!! Here's to a dry winter :)

Our project is fully funded!!!


What a happy Monday this is for RAFT!!! Our roof repair is now fully funded which is just brilliant.... the support and kindness from you all has been amazing and we really appreciate it.

How amazing would it be to be OVER funded!! We could then put these extra funds into removing a redundant flue which caused the leak in the first place. This would cost us an extra £860.


Wow!! A £204 pledged today!!


How amazing to have such a large pledge!! and to be our 25th backer too!! Thank you so much for your support!!

Who's going to be our 25th pledger?!


With thanks to one of RAFT's ex-employee's we now have 24 backers to this campaign.... it's our 25th anniversary so our 25th pledger would be amazing!!

An amazing £100 pledge made today, from such a wonderful lady called Elaine!


Thank you so much Elaine for your ongoing support - we are so grateful. Would be amazing if we could get to 60% of our target over the weekend with lots of people spreading the word!

Our lovely 20th pledger!


A wonderful pledge just made from Skin Camouflage Advice - thank you so much!! We now have 19 days to go to get 65% - that means we need £55 a day to achieve our goal... hope more of you can help us!

Be our 20th backer!


So far we have 19 pledgers... we would love for you to be our 20th!! To achieve our target we need to raise £45 each day for the next 22 days... please help us snd spread the word. 

31% ... come on let's get to 50% by the end of this weekend!!


Had a lovely donation just now from someone who ran a marathon for us a few years ago - he has taken our target to 31%... please follow in his footsteps and pledge your support and spread the word!

Lovely pledge received from our IT company


Really touched that the IT company we work with have made a pledge to fix our leaky roof....hope it will encourage lots of others to made a pledge. Thanks again to each and every one of you so far who has pledged, you've helped us reach 28% of our target already!

25% achieved before Monday!!


Due to a very generous donation of £100 we have reached out 25% target before the weekend is over.

So next challenge is 50% by next weekend!!

Huge thanks to all those who have already supported our appeal...Lets keep spreading the word!

Challenge... on this sunny Friday let's get to 25% by the end of the weekend!!


To get to 25% of our target we only need another £120 - just 12 more backers over the weekend!

In order to achieve our target amount we need to raise £40 a day!


Can you promote to 4 others to help us achieve our goal?!

16% in less than 48 hours... we are doing well! Who can help us next?


Let's make 12 backers into 20 by the end of the day!!! Go.....

Who's going to be our double figure backer?


We are looking for our 10th pledge.... We want to be in double figures in p,edgers by tomorrow!

Another £50 and we will be at 10%! Come on you next 5 pledgers!!


Let's get to 10% in 24 hours... we got 30mins and counting!!

5% in less than 24 hours!


Huge thanks to the 6 superb 'backers' we have had in less than 24 hours! You re all amazing!

We need YOU to be one of the Crowd and follow in their footsteps.... let's get to 10% by 3pm today - just need 7 pledges of £10 to be at 10%!!

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