To expand the station audience, build a new studio for live sessions, and to continue to afford the absurdly high UK royalty payments.

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

radio2XS  has been broadcasting a mix of New Music, Live Sessions and 60 Years of  Rock & Roll since 2002. We are the longest-running independent  online New Music station in the UK and are proud of our reputation for  supporting new talent, BUT playing them within the context of "60 years  of rock & roll". This means your/their songs aren't 'ghetto-ised' and only heard by mums, dads, aunts and uncles (see BBC local radio's  'Introducing'). It also demonstrates how well new talent stands up alongside  the 'big names'. Usually, amazingly well.

However,  this is Britain. The UK's royalty organisations (PPL and PRS/MCPS) have destroyed efforts to fund online radio commercially because the payment rate they demand for each song played to each listener is several times what that listener is worth to an advertiser. It's a crime. And, yes, it is actually unlawful, but no-one dares take them - and their unlimited budgets - on! 

What's even worse is that rarely do any of the 'new' or unsigned artists who we play ever get any money from us via PPL or PRS - it just goes into the Elton John /Taylor Swift / Coldplay pot. We do pay - but we can't make it go to the right people, only they can.

So, we are appealing for outside help to pay for better facilities, renewed  live sessions, on-air talent - and coffee! And to prevent us moving the  station out of the UK, which none of us wants to do, because the world's talent is HERE!

There is a need for cutting edge radio. Radio that is not bound by major label interference, or that churns out a constant ‘this is what you want to hear’ conveyor belt of identikit acts, and which sometimes even reduce the choice to a small repeating playlist.

'Culturally myopic' is now the norm for major radio stations, both commercial and BBC. We need creative minds with new ideas brought to the airwaves, and that’s why there is a need to fight for the independents.

Support New Music Radio. You never know when it might be gone!

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