Radical With Rituals - Celebrant Training

by Lula Edmonds in Brighton, England, United Kingdom


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To fund my Celebrant training

by Lula Edmonds in Brighton, England, United Kingdom


I’m Lula and I’m training to be a Celebrant - A what? – A non religious person who holds meaningful rituals at transition points in people’s lives -

I wish to collaboratively forge deep, creative ceremonies whether it’s a wedding on the beach in Hawaii, a woodland separation ritual at the end of a partnership or a space to commit to one’s own values and direction....

I hold close a nurtured endowment I have to form safe, sincere and silly spaces. I feel the neglect of this culturally and how the lack of honest spaces can lead to a multitude of patterns of acting out, and in my opinion, dissociation of values and the feeling of separation.

So here is a tiny contribution to amending this....

Adding to this, my business will have an ethical mission statement, holding me accountable to uphold integrity - emotionally, physically and environmentally.

10 offerings I wish to exchange for your cash ;)

You can either just donate or you can donate and then email Radical.with.Rituals@gmail.com naming what delight you wish for and I’ll be excitedly waiting to deliver! 

( email said wrong in video!!)




1. ONLINE HEALING WITH BRUCE - my alter ego 

- £10

- 15 mins 



- £10 

- 2 hours 

- 18.05.19 - 12–2pm - Stanmer Park, Brighton

(Meeting outside the main house). 

Who likes contrived fun …..? Bob up to Stanmer where I’ll be hosting 2 hours of silliness, games and multiple permission slips to get our giggle on……. 



- £15 

- In your own time, wherever you are 

I’ll post you a hand crafted list of self-care Proposals, intertwined with sass, experimentation and of course drop and rolls. 



- £20 

- 2 hours in the evening (venue and time to be confirmed)

3 dates to choose from:




A guided group dance, blindfolded, 2 Brighton options and 1 in London, dropping into an intimate space, exploring boundaries, sensory awareness and the freedom of dancing without been seen. There’ll also be a corking DJ! 



- £20 

- Name an activity for me to perform and where... 

Go on, live vicariously through me ... or even better let’s create together!

To sprinkle acts of silliness, not to shame or threaten, unless the act of silliness is discombobulating ... in which case we must commit fully. 

Acts could include, reading bedtime stories aloud on the tube, outbursts of dance in random places, a strange act that I must do throughout a day whenever you text NOW IS THE TIME … Just a few suggestions …..



- £35 - £60 sliding scale

- 1 hour 

 Hands-on, fully-clothed, deeply relaxing bodywork treatment

Based on 7 years' experience in Somatic Bodywork, influenced by my meditation practise, 1 year training in movement psychotherapy and I’m beginning studying in Craniosacral therapy.



- £50 

- 29.06.19  OR  05.10.19 – 2 - 6 pm - Brighton, About Balance Studio   

A day workshop in a group dynamic exploring authentic connection to ourselves and how our innate playfulness can arise from a present, dropped in state. We will explore Meditations, Somatics, Improvisational Theatre and meeting our inner clowns. 


8. 1 to 1 – TREATMENT DAY  – 

- £100

A day of nourishing practices, co-creating a bespoke program which could include hands-on clothed bodywork for relaxation and alignment, dance as a tool of connection and transformation, ritual of letting go, nature awareness, guided processes for inner connection and purpose.




Creating and delivering a workshop on your chosen topic - 

My style centres on bringing us back to ourselves first, and from here I draw from a rich bank of tools to create a dynamic, playful and well held session.

Specialising in

  • Hard to talk about topics with teens - consent, trust, social media, bullying... 
  • Exploring creative change making 
  • Embodiment
  • Games for connection and expression
  • Blindfolded meals, dances and sensory awareness 





Baby naming 


A day of planning and envisioning and the day of ceremony 


- £400

Planning, visualising, setting intentions and a day’s ritual with an aftercare check-in. 

 Wedding - Adventure/ In nature/ Deep ritual/Your chosen style... 

- £600

Cost covers 4 days preparation - connecting in, envisioning the ceremony, creating content, rehearsing and the day itself. 

(Cost doesn’t cover travel costs and resources)


Thank you in advance for anything that you offer.

Let's make 'Radical With Rituals - Celebrant Training' happen