Help turn East London Green!

Help fund the campaign to get more Greens on the London Assembly with the election of Rachel Collinson for the City and East!

We did it!

On 9th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £1,290 with 24 supporters in 35 days

The Green Party is committed to working towards the common good. The current surge in Green Party membership is testament to the fact that British people want a change away from austerity, privatisation and greed towards a more equitable and sustainable society. Tens of thousands of people have joined over the last year, meaning that across the UK, the Green Parties have more members than UKIP and the Liberal Democrats - and the numbers are going up every day!

In the constituencies that make up the City and East, we witness the inequalities wrought by a Conservative coalition in the forms of a National Health Service under constant threat, steep housing inflation and the most vulnerable people in our local communities being made to pay for the actions of a few wreckless people at the top. We also see small business fighting a losing battle against the huge multi-nationals, taking profits out of the Borough and away from local people, and damaging the community.

Our London Assembly candidate, Rachel Collinson, is determined to provide a voice to the people of East London who share our vision to create an inclusive, prosperous, safe area for people to lead productive, well connected lives.

To do this, we need to raise money for our election campaign. This money will go directly to help us stand our candidates and ensuring our vision for a fairer future is delivered to every constituent. By building a Green voice in East London, we can capitalise on the current Green surge and work towards Green success throughout London.

In short, the money will be spent on:

  • Deposit for our candidate
  • Money for printing freepost leaflets which will go to every household in each constituency
  • Other publications to provide a local message to residents

Our Green London-wide priorities include of tackling London’s housing crisis and ensuring fairer access to public transport. You can read up on our Mayoral Candidate Sian Berry's plans for London here.


In addition, these are the local policies we would like to bring to the London Assembly:

  1. East London's air is the worst in the country Using a citizen science approach we will identify problem areas and work to implement Green sustainable improvements in air quality for the benefit of City and East residents.
  2. Building more social rented homes and bring abandoned buildings back into use to ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live in East London.
  3. Replace London City Airport with a new housing and business quarter for Londoners


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