Quid for Kids

Quid for Kids

An educational programme within schools to empower ALL children to take the right path through life....We need to embrace our differences!

We did it!

On 18th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £55 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Our aim is to keep all our children safe but more importantly to teach children from an early age how to recognise and follow the right pathway.

This is not only about avoiding the dangers of being drawn into drugs, alcohol, abusive or dangerous situations. There are already a number of excellant organisations specialising in these areas. It is about teaching inner peace and true values for the child to be able to have the courage to say no and not succumb to pier pressure if the need arises.  Children need to use their inner strength and intuition to stop following the crowd if it feels wrong to them. It is so hard for children to say no to someone  when their inner self is not balanced and grounded.  

Children need to identify and express their concerns, even if it feels inappropriate , as it may involve someone they know and trust.  They need to be taught how to SPEAK OUT! REACH OUT! KEEP GOING!  Whatever the obstacles they face.

This is a programme to strengthen core values. To know right from wrong.  How  to look after each other, how to stand up for someone they believe to be in distress. How  to have the courage to speak out and if they are not heard to keep speaking out until someone listens. It is about giving the child the inner strength to communicate and be heard.

The programme will teach breathing techniques, healthy nutritional choices, communication skills  and how to indentify stress, anger, depression and when to seek help.

The programme will consist of 5 consecutive half hour learning sessions which will cover a different subject each day. On the 5th day the weeks lessons will all come together as a whole. Children and schools will be left with a list of contact numbers and awareness literature.

A few children will be appointed as responsible 'go 2s' . These children maybe the first port of call if a child needs assistance from a friend,  before seeking further adult guidance.  A smiley badge programme will be implemented so these children are easily identifiable.  These children will be regularly supported and the role will be rotated throughout the class on a regular basis.

ALL  children, whatever their background, ethnicity or religion will benefit from this programme.  Our aim is to teach them to be kind to themselves and to others.  This programme will promote respect, compassion, empathy and unconditional love for each other. The children are our future.

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