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by Rob in London, England, United Kingdom

Quest Sourcery


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The global lockdown badly affected our economy and we aim to pump some blood back into it by facilitating property investments.

by Rob in London, England, United Kingdom

Your generosity precedes you,

We are starting a new enterprise in order to get our economy back on it's feet and help it thrive again so more and more people can benefit from it.

Rob is our fearless leader, he has been an estate agent in London for the last few years, specialising in property investments, finding and securing lucrative deals. 

James is our Buy Refurbish Refinance specialist, with an eye for below the market value deals. He has been a mortgage broker and a property Investor in London for the past few years. Specialising in obtaining a finance for a property. 

Gabriele is our administrator and accountant. She has been working for years as an admin/accountant assistant in a large financial corporation in London. 

Together we've made a commitment to get back on our feet, help our families and consequently accelerating the process of pumping money back into our economy, making it flow again and benefiting us all.

Peace and love,

Quest Sourcery

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