The Quest for the red Prodigy

The Quest for the red Prodigy

For my 21st birthday I wish to invest in a desktop PC, in return you shall receive pancakes and waffles!

We did it!

On 7th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £25 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hello and welcome to 2016! Hope everyone has had a decent and festive break and are ready to uphold your resolutions :)


So it's my 21st birthday on 3rd February and I'm looking to invest in a desktop PC to complete my final year at uni
I've titled this the 'Quest for the red Prodigy' as the case pictured is a BitFenix Prodigy, and I feel as though I've been on a quest for the past few months to finally get to this point!
As I’ve been led to believe that 21 is a special birthday I thought I'd rather save time for anyone who may have thought of finding me a present, and instead offer them opportunity to crowdfund instead.
£650 is just a rough estimate of the cost of all the parts, and this website is just a tool make this happen (I'm not actually expecting/looking for the wider public to invest in my birthday, just my kind friends and family). In case you are not able to tell, I'm thoroughly enthusiastic about this and can't wait to become a REAL computer scientist! That's just a play on the concept of Pinocchio, but in all seriousness, I hope to steer my path towards the graphical side of this field, which is why the graphics card is one of the more expensive components in this project.
For the more technically minded or those of you who are just curious here is a link to a list of parts (yes I will be assembling my own computer!) that make up the rig:
Thank you in advance for any contribution you may make, and even if this is not for you I hope to see you at my special BELGIAN WAFFLE AND PANCAKE PARTY to be held at my dearly loving, caring and hospitable auntie Krista's place on Saturday 13th January (more details can be found in the invitation email that sent you here).
Hope to see as many of you, as is feasibly possible, stacking waffles and rolling pancakes SOON!

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