Quernmore Road Safety

Quernmore Road Safety

Local residents are fundraising to commission a traffic survey of Quernmore Rd / Grab Lane area to highlight road safety issues

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

There are many new housing development projects underway around the Grab Lane area of Quernmore Road. These include Quernmore Park (the Barratt Homes development), The Residence (PJ Livesey development), High Wood (Story Homes development) as well as The Potteries (Miller Homes development on the other side of Grab Lane). These developments will create in excess of 1000 new residential properties in a relatively small area. There are no planned improvements to the Highways infrastructure and Grab Lane is already starting to suffer from increased potholes, flooding, and near-misses due to the narrowness of the road.

In addition to this, PJ Livesey have recently submitted a planning application for 70 dwellings including a block of flats, and a shop in the former Moor Park NHS Depot buildings. Their proposals do not adequately address the potential impacts on road safety that would be caused by a further increase in houses, an additional increase in traffic to the shop, and an increase in HGVs delivering goods to the shop. The parking plans for the shop are inadequate and would no doubt cause people to park on Quernmore Road itself - at the already dangerous junction with Grab Lane. This will obvously have an adverse impact on road safety and will significantly increase the risk of road accidents in the area - putting our families at risk. 

PJ Livesey have included a traffic survey with their planning application documentation. However this survey was not conducted during peak traffic times, and it was also conducted when far fewer houses were completed and occupied. For this reason, local residents are trying to raise the funds to commission an independent traffic survey of Quernmore Road, Grab Lane, and the drive leading to the Residence/High Wood development (Campbell Drive). Highgrove is another area in Lancaster which successfully did this and the plans they are opposing have been delayed.