QueenME Venue
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I am raising funds to secure our first social club!

by Rachelle Henry in London, England, United Kingdom

QueenMe was established in July 2018 by myself, Rachelle Henry. A 21 year old female from South London. The brand was created with women in mind, originally aiming to create a safe space for women to relax and be free in a social environment. Due to insufficient funding, the social aspect of QueenMe is still yet to flourish. At present, a motivational clothing brand has been launched to close friends and family. We hope to see growth in this and at a later stage, start producing for the public. The reason I have launched this company is because I believe the women of today are pressured a great deal by society. It is important that while this pressure is at its peak, we use it to our advantage. 

It’s time we all started empowering each other. Instead of putting each other down, helping to lift each other up.  Instead of talking so much, start to listen. Instead of spending on materialistic, saving or donating to a better cause. 

Growing up I wasn’t always one of the most privileged children. I grew up in the care system. Justice system. A corrupt system. Although I have been able to overcome my past, it’s not as easy for others. 

In the many years I’ve lived alone. The one thing I’ve learnt is that everyone ALWAYS needs somebody to talk to. Someone to just listen, even if they don’t have anything to say back. Someone to just smile at, appreciating their presence. Someone to teach you something you’ve never learnt before. QueenMe is the perfect place to do just this. 

I aim to attract volunteers from different backgrounds (makeup artists, bloggers, dancers, singers, bakers, cooks, masseuses, hairdressers, nail technicians, boxers etc.) to teach these ladies things they’ve never known how to do before, as well as giving taster pamper sessions. This not only makes our queens feel good but also gives them a chance to network in a safe place. 

I’ve been studying mental health for the last year and a half. Now I believe it’s time we fix those tilted crowns!

As this organisation is still young. I would be grateful for any type of support whether it be; promotional, volunteering, funding or even just great tips and advice! Any source of woman empowerment will be recognised and used to help my business flourish. There’s no minimal amount of support that can be given! ❤️ 

Thanks for all your help and support. 

Rachelle x