Must Read "Queen & Countrys" Veteran in Need.

by kenneth scott in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Must Read "Queen & Countrys" Veteran in Need.


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Profile“Scotty” left Edinburgh in 1984 to pursue his much wanted career in HM Forces through 3 years with the British Army (RCT, latter ...

by kenneth scott in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom



“Scotty” left Edinburgh in 1984 to pursue his much wanted career in HM Forces through 3 years with the British Army (RCT, latter attached 15 Para C Coy) and 10 years in the Royal Air Force. He served in the UK, NI, NW Europe, N America and the Middle East. On leaving in 1997 he had a brief spell working in the US which then completed 3 years in the Middle East in Military Aviation and Crew Chief/ Trainer Roles before returning to the UK and embarking on a period at University. He completed 4 additional aviation & defence contracts out of HM Forces.

His career has been speckled with significant achievements some of which have contributed to the welfare of 100s of workers through HSE infinitives at home and abroad and saved companies highly significant sums through Engineering & Quality initiatives.

He has received awards from Ministers for Services to Police and Community and supported/ raised funds for :

  • Sex Abuse Charities (UK)
  • Cancer Research (UK)
  • Movember (UK and Germany)
  • Wings Appeal and Royal British Legion (UK)

Amounting to approx £25,000 alone and in joint initiatives.

He has organised and taken part in expeditions in the UK, Europe, N Americas, Himalayas and the Middle East and coached/ supervised young persons on their Duke of Edinburgh Award to this effect.

Out-with Aviation & Defence Engineering he has been involved in Environment and Engineering. One Project a Community Compost Site of significant size he dedicated himself to in a design and construction role turning it around in one year. This project now turns over £350m per annum as part of a larger project employing and caring for Adults with Autism and selling high quality produce. Another was a 6 Person Company he joined where he played a key role in the Development of Renewable Energy Projects undertaking/ seeing through all aspects from Conception to Project Commission. Within 2 years this Company was employing over 100 consultants & engineers in 3 Countries. In his last project he Manged all Construction Risks, Welfare and full Logistical support on a project in Excess of £60m installing Class A Wind Turbines totalling 9.2 Mw in Power.

In Civil Aviation he made significant savings in addition to primary role on a 400m Euro Project in reducing damage through a fault reporting mechanism not previously in place. This reached approx. 600 Engineers and Contactors in 3 Countries. He also introduced an Accommodation and Welfare initiative which reached 300+ Contractors to settle in their new surroundings overseas.

He has also worked & volunteered & in:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Property Management
  • Education
  • Construction, Civil Engineering & HSE Consultancy
  • Technisches Hilfswerk (Technical & Civil Disaster Organisation, Germany) (v)
  • British Red Cross (UK) (v)
  • Air Training Corps (v)

And has been awarded 3 Engineering Awards for Safety, Innovation and Workplace Initiatives.

In 2007 he made a televised appearance after meeting with HM Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in support of Veterans Housing and in 2013 represented a British Consulate overseas as part a select group for Remembrance Day.

Why the Appeal? (Its worth the read)

In 2011 he Let his Property to a Nigerian Family. This was done at preferential rates on the proviso that the property would be maintained and updates given. All Legal Documentation was in place. For the Purposes of brevity the following points indicate the timeline.

  • 2015 Repairs and upgrades were required so a further reduction was offered to facilitate this on evidence. By 2019 this amounted to approx £7000; none of the work had been carried out.
  • In 2016 an Eviction was issued but ignored.
  • A Rental Increase was issued through a new Tenancy but was ignored.
  • In 2016 the Public Rented Housing Panel Scotland (PRHP) were contacted and two lengthy applications were made to assess fair Rent. These were rejected on the incorrect premise that the Tenants would have to apply. (Ask?: Why would Tenants Apply when paying 50% Rent)
  • In Mid-2017 Lawyers were employed to complete an Eviction but it failed. At one point told that he could be Fined £150,000, would have to allow Tennent’s extra time to leave the Property and permit them to remove fixed fittings; by his own Lawyers?! The actual fee was £75 Late Penalty Fee (a month late) which the Law Firm could have covered as they had been paid to sell the Property. Two comprehensive Ombudsman Complaints were filed but there was no response.

On this and having found himself homeless in Edinburgh he got a £50 Flight to Germany in pursuit of work. He insists that this was the right thing to do. There was little employment to be found and weather was poor. Also he had assisted many Ex-Service Personal who found themselves homeless. On return to Edinburgh in 2019 he was to find a plaque commemorating the death, only a weeks prior, of a particular solid former Royal Tank Regt soldier, whom he had left behind. Sad.

As a backdrop to the above

  • He was called a “Child Killer” by Tenants several times an accusation which had no grounds and overheard by a Landlady he lost his Accommodation. Two lengthy complaints processes to Head of a Public Authority ended unresolved despite invites for Police and Child Protection to investigate .
  • Was named “Racist”, in writing; no grounds.
  • False Claims that Police, Social Work and GPs had been informed and Legal Access to the property couldn’t go ahead without a “Witness Present”. There were no Police Records to support this and the others invited to contact but he heard nothing back.
  • Letters and advice had been sent to the Tenant's on how to look after the Property and keep a Healthy Home many times.
  • To reiterate; from 2015, approx £7000 had been allocated for Upgrades on Written Agreement. None were carried out. His own Lawyers said that this could not be recouped despite written agreement.

The trip to Europe to raise funds for fresh Legal Proceedings (and earnings) was not as lucrative as wanted and he had been forced to borrow.

In Mid 2018 the Tenants, without notification, withheld rent which lead to a loss of Contract & Accommodation. Through a period of no food he injured his hand. It cost 4000 Euros for an Operation to prevent his hand/ arm being amputated from infection.

On return to the UK in early 2019 the following sequence summarises events:

  • Approx 33 Lawyers were contacted to carry out an eviction; none would/ could assist even in lieu of the property being sold.
  • Was not entitled to Legal Aid and months after applying, when eligible, was told there was no system capacity.
  • Law Society of Scotland were contacted and asked to circulate the case.
  •  2 x University Law Surgeries were contacted; v-long wait and would not be able to represent in Court if Civil Proceedings were required.
  • Landlords Associations were contacted but would not assist unless a member.
  • Society of Advocates were contacted for a “special scheme” to provide assist in such cases; not successful.
  • 3 x Applications to Veterans Charities included details of the case but wouldn’t assist citing possible mitigation issues. Not true and had previously been supported in principle.  
  • “Shelter” would not assist as he was a Landlord.

Throughout this period he kept well, his experience in outdoors and survival proving vital despite being homeless for approx 9 months in all weathers. All Veterans Housing had been denied prior to and throughout this time citing the Capital in the Property. This issue reoccurred for Loans, Grants and other means of financial assistance, even when homeless.

He carried out the Eviction himself. The process took 9 + Months. When he got the Property back:

  • The Kitchen had been demolished.
  • Thick mould in bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • Clear that the property had not been cleaned since 2011; thick grime on kitchen and paintwork.
  • Locks on internal doors and evidence the property had been sub-let to around 6 other occupants during the Tenancy.
  • Vermin excrement on beds and floors were children slept and played.
  • Open electric supplies wired into wet areas/ bathroom.
  • Knowledge of at least 3 businesses had been run from the Property.
  • Old washing machines and fridges were found in cupboards.
  • Much more….
  • Additionally:
  • On hearing of Tenant's Naturalisation Tribunal he contacted Immigration Tribunals to give advanced warning them. No response.
  • During the Tenancy an offer made “from a friend of Tenants” for £65,000 very suspiciously way under market price.

Much of this had been highlighted to Lawyers in 2017 as Warning Signs as it was to others but no notice was taken.

Given the conditions found it might be said that the “child killer” had been occupying the property if reports of the Tenants child’s health were authentic. It’s clear that much of the above was an attempt to hinder Landlords Legal Access/ inspection, which had happened. Lawyers and others had been warned about this, to no effect.

During the 9+ Months of the Eviction Process and Rough Sleeping he attended approx 12 Casualties (Cyclists, Pedestrians), redirected a knife attack and cordoned/ reported civil structures which were endangering public safety.   

Thanks for getting this far; please read on! 

Since 2014 Scotty has engaged in various activities at home and abroad mostly within his traditional skills/knowledge set of engineering. He did engage in other activities.  

For the purposes of “balancing activities”, in addition to that of skills sets, during this period he includes the following. (Inclusive but not exhaustive)

Charity & Other:

  • Proposal and meeting at St Pauls Cathedral London; Mass Sleep Out Event in London/ UK, US and EU to be organised by himself in support of homeless. (2015). Proposal not accepted (Various reasons) but same concept was later used by “Social Bites” with £62m raised last year. Good He volunteered to organise entire project.
  • Blind Veterans UK, Brighton. Meeting and Proposal for proven charity Night Golf Event. No uptake at time but concept might be taken up in future.
  • Advice and Business Strategies offered on Street Fundraising Strategies and 3 Restaurants/ Cafes.
  • Although not politically active he has forwarded Comprehensive, Proven Strategies & Frameworks to MPs in the UK to counter Civil & Environmental Emergencies in the UK in the future. These were acknowledged by Senior MPs and will be looked into. Similar Framework was sent to “Rubicon”; a fledging Ex-Forces Organisation aiming to deal with Civil Response.
  • UK-US Car Show Exchange. Contacts at US Casio Resort with UK Based Clubs. UK Clubs not ready for uptake.

Casualties: UK & Europe

  • He attended approx 70+ Causalities. (Est)
  • These varied from Road Accidents (3) an Air Accident (Shoreham 2015) which he attended within minutes to treat secondary casualties and direct traffic. One high speed accident he was part of; sustaining 6 broken bones he left the wreckage to tend the scene and casualties.
  • Cyclists, Pedestrians & Hill Walkers various severity. Assisted in the recovery of 2 x Bodies from waters (London & Hamburg).

Crime & Other: (Absolutely no details or outcomes will be disclosed under any circumstances on the following). Absolute Confidentiality is asked: 

  • Identification of rehearsals leading to suspect Bomb Attacks at a high profile event.
  • A knife attack diverted. 
  • 2x Information leading to investigations into illegal arms. 
  • 2 x Possible large stores of Class A drugs.
  • 2 x Illegal brothels.
  • Post 2015 Paris Attacks: Information on Support/ Celebrations post attacks.

Again, the above is only supplied to “balance activities” during this period and this was done in parallel “normal” activities.

Thank you for getting this far!

The Appeal?

"Scotty" has tried everything to take responsible action throughout. He has also tried community loans, equity release and seeking employment; none successful and the latter no longer fit for. He did volunteer for various positions during the peak periods of “C-Void19” but wasn’t required.

A Charity Grant was successful but fell well short of needs. He gets no additional income but a small War Pension. In total he has spent well over 1.5 + years homeless in some shape or form; again, until very recently, was unaffected.

Civil Proceedings, Law Reforms & Complaints are possible but these will not help him in the position he finds himself in today.

The remainder of his possessions were lost in storage, there are no family links to call on and does not have his own such has been the transient nature of his work. He does not dwell, yet two previous partners have passed and another, in more recent times, became disabled. He did his best for this Ex-WRAF before having to move on.

His Property was badly damaged and needs to be sold to pay sums borrowed. If not put on the market it could face repossession. Absolute disaster for too many reasons. He has little to gain from the property sale now other than scavenging what remains.

On a Personal Level although he had proven robust and durable he has taken a knock recently; none of which is the result of past events or “delayed effect”. He very seldom drinks and only unless in employment or fit to do so. He has never taken illicit substances.

  • He is asking for £6000 to bring the property to a condition worthy of reasonable value which would include getting it on the market. Anything would help but must be done soon. (Quoted by estimators at £7000+ for basic refurb but will do some work himself)
  • He is asking for £1500 for new clothes/ outdoor gear, a bycyle & lock that he can get some semblance of real health back. A phone and/or cheap laptop. He has lacked a proper diet for over 15 + months which no health care can substitute. His wardrobe is very worn and next to nothing.
  • He is prepared to accept work and materials in lieu. Let him know what you can offer if you can.

Anything beyond this he would gladly allocate to a Charity to be decided and is very prepared to return donations to all contributors on completion of the property sale if wanted. He is asking that:

That your Collective Commitment would meet his during his time of need.

"I want my Life Back"

(Apologise but before and after pictures not in order)



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