Quantum Computing Degree Funding

Quantum Computing Degree Funding

Moore’s Law is failing and computing power will reach a maximum. Quantum computing is the most promising branch of physics to combat this.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Over the past few years, Moore’s Law (computing power doubles every two years) has no longer been as accurate as it once was. The reason for this is that it is physically impossible to fit transistors any closer than they are at present without quantum mechanical effects becoming dominant and negating the additional computing power the extra transistors are supposed to provide. To combat this, a promising area of new research is Quantum Computing, which exploits the very same quantum mechanical effects which inhibits traditional transistor technology from advancing to create a completely new, novel form of computing using sub-atomic particles (namely nuclei), an object known as a quantum transistor. Naturally as this is a new branch of Physics, there are several promising areas tackling the problem of fabricating quantum transistors. One such area is using electric fields to trap and manipulate electrons in specific energies in a silicon lattice so that we can then create a transistor on the scale of electrons. This is the focus of my Master’s (and hopefully PhD) project at the University of Cambridge in association with research teams from Sydney, Helsinki and London.

Unfortunately, due to recent personal events I am no longer able to pay my full university bill for the second and third terms despite starting the course already. I would be very grateful if you could help me raise funds to complete my Master's so that I can apply for a studentship/scholarship to further this research through a PhD and beyond.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and I hope you donate as much as you can!