Quality American style BBQ's in the UK

by Ade Mitchell in Pontardawe, Wales, United Kingdom

Quality American style BBQ's in the UK


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Our vision is to provide the UK with quality BBQ's and Smokers made from quality steel

by Ade Mitchell in Pontardawe, Wales, United Kingdom

Our background; 

Dragon Grills was born out of an obsession for the love of BBQ'ing and Smoking foods, mixed with a passion for fabricating.
Most current builds (personal) have been made out of old gas bottles, and previously have used some 'store-bought' smokers, but the metal is thin and does not hold the heat well enough.

Our vision;

Our vision is to provide the UK with quality BBQ's and Smokers made from quality steel of at least 2mm thick, compared to cheaper BBQ's which are usually made from steel approx 0.8mm thick, although this does not seem a lot, the thicker steels hold heat a lot better and will last a lot longer, whilst providing sleek, cool designs.

We want people to really fall in love with the art of BBQ'ing whilst having a pleasant BBQ to look at.

Our designs;

We have many designs we would like to create, and all with the same default shape, where most BBQ's and smokers are generally a cylinder shape, we will build ours as an octagon, giving a sleeker, modern design.

The funding;

  • The funding from this campaign will be used for materials and consumable tool parts (welding wire etc)!
  • Part of the funding will be used for marketing the products on social media
  • The builds will go on sale upon immediately upon completion

We hope you will share our vision and support our journey!!

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Let's make 'Quality American style BBQ's in the UK' happen

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