Quaestio - a contemporary dance piece dealing with bullying, stereotypical masculinity and disability. Issues men face by group dynamics..

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


A contemporary dance piece partaking at Resolution Dance Festival 2017. The cast will consist of 10 male dancers at the beginning of their professional career, 1 disabled stand up comedian, a composer/ harpist/ singer, a cellist, a violinist, an opera singer, a costume and a lighting designer.

The piece looks at bullying - disability - stereo typical masculinity in context of true integration and inclusion of disability in dance and the issues and problems boys and men might face in society through peer pressure, group dynamics and bodylanguage/ movement qualities. The overall theme is Football.

It will be performed as part of a triple bill on 1nd February 2017 at The Place, Robin Howard Theatre.  

Queastio is pulling disability into focus and puts it centre stage by using the distorted, jerky and off balances as main language and become the main movement vocabulary for the entire company.