Quad 40 Solar Energy Roof Tiles

PV tiles directly as your Roof covering to give heating and provide electricity as well as look stylish and attractive.

We did it!

On 21st Dec 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Our aim is to have the Quad-40 Energy Roof Tiles fitted to every new build and roof renovation project, whereby clients can become Energy self-reliant.  We are looking to reduce/eliminate the reliance on fossil fuels and generated electricity and heating.  The best Roof in the world is one that allows you to use PV tiles directly as your roof covering to keep your home warm and dry, produces electricity and heating as well as looking stylish and attractive.  Our energy Roof Tiles gives you photovoltaic (electricity) as well as Solar thermal energy (heating) providing you with a complete roofing solution. 

A stylish Roof that is actually a cutting edge PV system able to generate more than enough power to meet the energy demands of the average household.  The new SolteQ-Quad-PV Roof Tiles consist of anti-reflective prismatic, toughened safety glass with integrated high- efficiency monocrystalline cells which are both stylish and produces a huge amount of energy - 173W per square metre.  The Roof can also be utilised as a source of heat, to such an extent that heating costs can be reduced to zero with the introduction of a heat pump into the system.

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