Douglas J Faulkner Woolley owns the true salvage rights for the QE1 (Seawise University, Hong Kong) and the Titanic and since during the...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Douglas J Faulkner Woolley owns the true salvage rights for the QE1 (Seawise University, Hong Kong) and the Titanic and since during the 1960's, he has planned the ultimate project , to salvage the remains of the QE1 and place them in a dry dock in Liverpool, where the remains will be on general view to the public for all to see. Once the QE1 has been salvaged, and from all the publicity generated by the media and television coverages, we will then go the the biggest salvage operation of all time, the salvaging of the Titanic. The Titanic will then be placed next to the QE1 in Liverpool. We already have a salvage company on standby, and a full costing has been completed , all we now need is for people and companies from all over the world to become part of this historical project and pledge whatever they can afford by using this crowdfunding, and in doing so, whoever pledges will become not only involved into this project, but will also be part in history. 

For those who believe that the Titanic should be left at the bottom of the ocean because it is considered as a gravesite, let me put the records straight. After 75 years , a gravesite is no longer considered a gravesite, that is why archeologists exhume Egyptian mummies in Egypt and display the remains in museums, but in our case, if we find human remains, they will be placed in a respectful gravesite outside the dry dock where the Titanic will be placed. That way, any relatives of the deceased will be able to pay their respects, also the general public would be able to remember the lives that was lost on that fateful night in 1912. 

Douglas has been let down so many times over the years by so called financial backers promising to back his project , only to be let down. That is why we have given the people of the world to become involved by pledging with this crowdfunding company, so please help us to make history and in return, we will give you the opportunity to become part of this history. Help us to bring the QE1 home first , and by doing this, this will also help us to bring the Titanic back to the United Kingdom , where she belongs.