QE1 ( Seawise University, Hong Kong) salvage

QE1 ( Seawise University, Hong Kong) salvage

Douglas J Faulkner Woolley owns the true salvage rights for two famous ships, the QE1 (Seawise University) and the Titanic. Douglas has...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Douglas J Faulkner Woolley owns the true salvage rights for two famous ships, the QE1 (Seawise University) and the Titanic. Douglas has planned his project in detail to raise both ships and return them to the UK (Liverpool) where they will be placed in a dry dock for all to view and it will be the biggest tourist attraction ever. The project will start with the pilot project, the salvaging of the QE1 in Hong Kong Harbor. The QE1 plays a very good part in history, not only was she loved by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, but she played a good part during the World War 2, and it has been said that she shortened the war and carried the Magna Carta. The QE1 has also been featured in a James Bond movie'' The Man With The Golden Gun. Douglas visited Hong Kong and he was there for 3 months in 1972, and during this time, he attended various meetings with the owner of the QE1 ( Seawise University) and then Douglas obtained the salvage rights. Since this time, Douglas planned his salvage project ( which is explained in his ''Titanic-One Mans Dream'' ) Douglas formed a team and experimented various salvaging options, which proved to be successful. Over the years, Douglas has been let down by various businessmen promising to back the financial side of the project, but Douglas never gave up on his project. I ( Gary Smith) met Douglas 25 years ago and I promised him and I held this promise to the present day, to help him make his project a reality. That is why I have tried this crowdfunding idea, and hope that the people of the world could donate whatever they can afford, and be responsible not only to make history, but be involved in what will be the biggest salvaging operation and tourist attraction ever, to raise the QE1 and once this has been successful, then the world media and television companies will take us seriously, and the financed that will generate from the media and television coverages, will cover the cost to salvage the remains of the Titanic. We already have a salvage company on standby ( Titan Salvage) and recently they sent Douglas the costings for the pilot project. 

This is a once in a lifetime salvaging opportunity, so please donate what you can and help us bring back the QE1 to the United Kingdom, and once this has been accomplished , then we can go for the big salvage job, the raising of Titanic, where she will be placed in a dry dock in Liverpool, next to the QE1.

For those who believe that the Titanic is a burial site and should be left where she is, please let me put your minds to rest. After 75 years, the site is no longer considered a burial site. If during the salvaging operation we do find any human remains, we will bury them in a respectful place outside where the Titanic will be placed in Liverpool, and this will give the relatives to pay their respects to their families that went down with the Titanic on that fateful night in 1912.